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UT_Encoding Class Reference

#include <ut_Encoding.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UT_Encoding ()
UT_uint32 getCount ()
const gchar * getNthEncoding (UT_uint32 n)
const gchar * getNthDescription (UT_uint32 n)
const gchar * getEncodingFromDescription (const gchar *desc)
UT_uint32 getIndxFromEncoding (const gchar *enc)
UT_uint32 getIdFromEncoding (const gchar *enc)

Static Private Attributes

static bool s_Init = true
static UT_uint32 s_iCount = 0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_Encoding::UT_Encoding (  ) 

Construct encoding class

Find out which encodings the iconv on this system supports. We try several possible names for each encoding. If any name is successfully opened it becomes the only name for this encoding. If no name is successfully opened the encoding is removed from the table.

References enc_entry::desc, enc_entry::encs, gchar, XAP_App::getApp(), XAP_App::getStringSet(), XAP_StringSet::getValue(), enc_entry::id, s_compareQ(), s_iCount, s_Init, szName, UT_DEBUGMSG, UT_iconv_close(), UT_iconv_isValid(), and UT_iconv_open().

Member Function Documentation

UT_uint32 UT_Encoding::getCount (  ) 
const gchar * UT_Encoding::getEncodingFromDescription ( const gchar *  desc  ) 
UT_uint32 UT_Encoding::getIdFromEncoding ( const gchar *  enc  ) 
UT_uint32 UT_Encoding::getIndxFromEncoding ( const gchar *  enc  ) 

References s_iCount, s_Init, and UT_ASSERT.

Referenced by XAP_Dialog_Encoding::setEncoding().

const gchar * UT_Encoding::getNthDescription ( UT_uint32  n  ) 
const gchar * UT_Encoding::getNthEncoding ( UT_uint32  n  ) 

References s_Init, and UT_ASSERT.

Referenced by XAP_Dialog_Encoding::setEncoding().

Member Data Documentation

UT_uint32 UT_Encoding::s_iCount = 0 [static, private]
bool UT_Encoding::s_Init = true [static, private]

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