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TOCEntry Class Reference

#include <fl_TOCLayout.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TOCEntry (fl_BlockLayout *pBlock, UT_sint32 iLevel, UT_UTF8String &sDispStyle, bool bHaveLabel, FootnoteType iFType, UT_UTF8String &sBefore, UT_UTF8String sAfter, bool bInherit, UT_sint32 iStartAt)
virtual ~TOCEntry (void)
fl_BlockLayoutgetBlock (void)
PT_DocPosition getPositionInDoc (void)
UT_sint32 getLevel (void)
UT_UTF8StringgetDispStyle (void)
bool hasLabel (void) const
bool doesInherit (void)
void setPosInList (UT_sint32 posInList)
UT_sint32 getPosInList (void)
void calculateLabel (TOCEntry *pPrevLevel)
UT_UTF8StringgetNumLabel (void)
UT_UTF8String getFullLabel (void)

Private Attributes

UT_sint32 m_iLevel
UT_UTF8String m_sDispStyle
bool m_bHasLabel
FootnoteType m_iFType
UT_UTF8String m_sBefore
UT_UTF8String m_sAfter
bool m_bInherit
UT_sint32 m_iPosInList
UT_UTF8String m_sLabel

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TOCEntry::TOCEntry ( fl_BlockLayout pBlock,
UT_sint32  iLevel,
UT_UTF8String sDispStyle,
bool  bHaveLabel,
FootnoteType  iFType,
UT_UTF8String sBefore,
UT_UTF8String  sAfter,
bool  bInherit,
UT_sint32  iStartAt 
TOCEntry::~TOCEntry ( void   )  [virtual]

References m_iLevel, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Member Function Documentation

void TOCEntry::calculateLabel ( TOCEntry pPrevLevel  ) 
bool TOCEntry::doesInherit ( void   )  [inline]
fl_BlockLayout* TOCEntry::getBlock ( void   )  [inline]
UT_UTF8String& TOCEntry::getDispStyle ( void   )  [inline]
UT_UTF8String TOCEntry::getFullLabel ( void   ) 
UT_sint32 TOCEntry::getLevel ( void   )  [inline]
UT_UTF8String& TOCEntry::getNumLabel ( void   )  [inline]

Referenced by calculateLabel().

UT_sint32 TOCEntry::getPosInList ( void   )  [inline]
PT_DocPosition TOCEntry::getPositionInDoc ( void   ) 
bool TOCEntry::hasLabel ( void   )  const [inline]
void TOCEntry::setPosInList ( UT_sint32  posInList  ) 

References m_iPosInList.

Referenced by fl_TOCLayout::_calculateLabels().

Member Data Documentation

bool TOCEntry::m_bHasLabel [private]
bool TOCEntry::m_bInherit [private]

Referenced by calculateLabel().

Referenced by calculateLabel().

Referenced by ~TOCEntry().

Referenced by calculateLabel(), and setPosInList().

Referenced by calculateLabel(), and getPositionInDoc().

Referenced by getFullLabel().

Referenced by getFullLabel().

Referenced by calculateLabel(), and getFullLabel().

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