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SpellManager Class Reference

#include <spell_manager.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SpellManager ()
virtual SpellCheckerlastDictionary (void) const
virtual SpellCheckerrequestDictionary (const char *szLang)
UT_uint32 numLoadedDicts () const
SpellCheckergetInstance () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SpellManagerinstance (void)

Private Member Functions

 SpellManager ()
 SpellManager (const SpellManager &other)
SpellManageroperator= (const SpellManager &other)

Private Attributes

UT_StringPtrMap m_map
UT_String m_missingHashs
UT_uint32 m_nLoadedDicts

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SpellManager::~SpellManager (  )  [virtual]
SpellManager::SpellManager (  )  [private]

Protected constructor

This (Singleton) class is responsible for creating, handing out, and destroying instances of the ISpellChecker class

References m_missingHashs.

SpellManager::SpellManager ( const SpellManager other  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

SpellChecker * SpellManager::getInstance (  )  const
SpellManager & SpellManager::instance ( void   )  [static]

If an instance already exists it will be returned for you. If not, one is created and returned for you

A valid instance of the SpellManager class

References s_instance.

SpellChecker * SpellManager::lastDictionary ( void   )  const [virtual]

Returns the last used dictionary, or 0

The last valid SpellChecker or 0

References m_lastDict.

UT_uint32 SpellManager::numLoadedDicts (  )  const [inline]
SpellManager& SpellManager::operator= ( const SpellManager other  )  [private]
SpellChecker * SpellManager::requestDictionary ( const char *  szLang  )  [virtual]

Request an instance of a dictionary capable of checking the language Represented by szLang

szLang - The language tag ("en-US") we want to use
A valid SpellChecker for 'szLang' on success, or 0 on failure

References UT_String::c_str(), UT_GenericStringMap< T >::contains(), UT_GenericStringMap< T >::insert(), m_lastDict, m_map, m_missingHashs, m_nLoadedDicts, and UT_GenericStringMap< T >::pick().

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by requestDictionary(), and ~SpellManager().

Referenced by requestDictionary(), and SpellManager().

Referenced by requestDictionary().

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