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Packet Class Reference

#include <AbiCollab_Packet.h>

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EventPacket ProtocolErrorPacket SessionPacket Event AbstractChangeRecordSessionPacket AbstractSessionTakeoverPacket RevertAckSessionPacket RevertSessionPacket SignalSessionPacket AccountAddBuddyEvent AccountAddBuddyRequestEvent AccountBuddyAddDocumentEvent AccountBuddyOfflineEvent AccountBuddyOnlineEvent AccountDeleteBuddyEvent AccountNewEvent AccountOfflineEvent AccountOnlineEvent CloseSessionEvent DisjoinSessionEvent GetSessionsEvent GetSessionsResponseEvent JoinSessionEvent JoinSessionRequestResponseEvent StartSessionEvent ChangeRecordSessionPacket GlobSessionPacket SessionFlushedPacket SessionReconnectAckPacket SessionReconnectRequestPacket SessionTakeoverAckPacket SessionTakeoverRequestPacket

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struct  ClassData

Public Types

typedef Packet *(* PacketCreateFuncType )()
 Class reconstruction.

Public Member Functions

 Packet ()
 Packet (AbiCollab *session)
virtual ~Packet ()
virtual Packetclone () const =0
const AbiCollabgetSession () const
AbiCollabgetSession ()
virtual UT_sint32 getProtocolVersion () const
virtual void serialize (Archive &ar)
void setParent (Packet *pParent)
PacketgetParent ()
virtual std::string toStr () const

Static Public Member Functions

static PacketcreatePacket (PClassType eType)
static const char * getPacketClassname (PClassType eType)
static void registerPacketClass (PClassType eType, PacketCreateFuncType createFunc, const char *szClassName)

Protected Attributes


Private Types

typedef std::map< PClassType,

Static Private Member Functions

static ClassMapGetClassMap ()

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<PClassType,ClassData> Packet::ClassMap [private]

Class reconstruction.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Packet::Packet (  ) 
Packet::Packet ( AbiCollab session  ) 
virtual Packet::~Packet (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual Packet* Packet::clone (  )  const [pure virtual]
Packet * Packet::createPacket ( PClassType  eType  )  [static]
Packet::ClassMap & Packet::GetClassMap (  )  [static, private]
const char * Packet::getPacketClassname ( PClassType  eType  )  [static]
Packet* Packet::getParent (  )  [inline]

References m_pParent.

UT_sint32 Packet::getProtocolVersion (  )  const [virtual]
AbiCollab* Packet::getSession ( void   )  [inline]

References m_pSession.

const AbiCollab* Packet::getSession ( void   )  const [inline]

References m_pSession.

void Packet::registerPacketClass ( PClassType  eType,
PacketCreateFuncType  createFunc,
const char *  szClassName 
) [static]
void Packet::serialize ( Archive ar  )  [virtual]
void Packet::setParent ( Packet pParent  )  [inline]

References m_pParent.

Referenced by GlobSessionPacket::addPacket().

Member Data Documentation

Packet* Packet::m_pParent [protected]

Referenced by getParent(), setParent(), and toStr().

Referenced by getSession().

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