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PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef StatementIteratorself_reference
typedef const StatementIteratorconst_self_reference
typedef StatementIterator self_type

Public Member Functions

 StatementIterator ()
 StatementIterator (m_APList_t::iterator iter, m_APList_t::iterator enditer)
void advance_apiter ()
void setup_pocol ()
self_reference operator++ ()
self_type operator++ (int)
bool operator== (const_self_reference other)
bool operator!= (const_self_reference other)
reference operator* ()

Private Types

typedef std::list< const
PP_AttrProp * > 

Private Attributes

bool m_end
m_APList_t::iterator m_apiter
m_APList_t::iterator m_apenditer
size_t m_apPropertyNumber
std::string m_subject
POCol m_pocol
POCol::iterator m_pocoliter
PD_RDFStatement m_current

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::StatementIterator (  )  [inline]
PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::StatementIterator ( m_APList_t::iterator  iter,
m_APList_t::iterator  enditer 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::advance_apiter (  )  [inline]
bool PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::operator!= ( const_self_reference  other  )  [inline]

References operator==().

reference PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::operator* (  )  [inline]

References m_current.

self_type PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::operator++ ( int   )  [inline]
self_reference PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::operator++ (  )  [inline]

We have to walk over each AP using m_apiter until we hit m_apenditer

For each of these AP; we have to walk over all the properties ( each prop is a subject -> list[ pred+obj ] )

For each of these properties; we have to walk over all the pairs in the pocol.


References advance_apiter(), PP_AttrProp::getPropertyCount(), m_apenditer, m_apiter, m_apPropertyNumber, m_current, m_end, m_pocol, m_pocoliter, m_subject, and setup_pocol().

bool PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::operator== ( const_self_reference  other  )  [inline]

References m_apiter, m_apPropertyNumber, m_end, and m_pocoliter.

Referenced by operator!=().

void PD_RDFModelFromStartEndPos::StatementIterator::setup_pocol (  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by advance_apiter(), and operator++().

Referenced by operator*(), operator++(), and setup_pocol().

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