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OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp Class Reference

#include <OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp ()
virtual ~OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp ()
UT_Error setAttribute (const gchar *szName, const gchar *szValue)
UT_Error setProperty (const gchar *szName, const gchar *szValue)
UT_Error setProperty (const std::string &szName, const std::string &szValue)
UT_Error getAttribute (const gchar *szName, const gchar *&szValue) const
UT_Error getProperty (const gchar *szName, const gchar *&szValue) const
UT_Error setAttributes (const PP_PropertyVector &attributes)
UT_Error setProperties (const PP_PropertyVector &properties)
UT_Error appendAttributes (const PP_PropertyVector &attributes)
UT_Error appendProperties (const PP_PropertyVector &properties)
PP_PropertyVector getAttributes () const
PP_PropertyVector getProperties () const
UT_Error inheritProperties (OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp *parent)
PP_PropertyVector getAttributesWithProps ()
 Provides the list of attributes including all the properties in one attribute.
bool getNthProperty (int i, const gchar *&szName, const gchar *&szValue)
size_t getPropertyCount ()

Private Member Functions

std::string _generatePropsString () const

Private Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp (  ) 
OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::~OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp (  )  [virtual]

References DELETEP, and m_pAttributes.

Member Function Documentation

std::string OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::_generatePropsString (  )  const [private]

References ASSERT_PV_SIZE, and getProperties().

Referenced by getAttributesWithProps().

UT_Error OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::appendAttributes ( const PP_PropertyVector attributes  ) 
UT_Error OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::appendProperties ( const PP_PropertyVector properties  ) 
PP_PropertyVector OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::getAttributes (  )  const
PP_PropertyVector OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::getAttributesWithProps (  ) 

Provides the list of attributes including all the properties in one attribute.

This method takes all the properties of the object and combines them into one string in CSS format. This string is used as the value of a new attribute whose key is defined by PP_PROPS_ATTRIBUTE_NAME.

A list of all the object's attributes and with a new attribute containing all the properties.

References _generatePropsString(), ASSERT_PV_SIZE, getAttributes(), setAttribute(), UT_OK, and UT_return_val_if_fail.

Referenced by OXML_Style::addToPT(), OXML_Section::addToPT(), OXML_Element_TextBox::addToPT(), OXML_Element_Table::addToPT(), OXML_Element_Run::addToPT(), OXML_Element_Paragraph::addToPT(), OXML_Element_Image::addToPT(), and OXML_Element_Cell::addToPT().

bool OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::getNthProperty ( int  i,
const gchar *&  szName,
const gchar *&  szValue 
PP_PropertyVector OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::getProperties (  )  const
size_t OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::getPropertyCount (  ) 
UT_Error OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::inheritProperties ( OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp parent  ) 
UT_Error OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::setAttributes ( const PP_PropertyVector attributes  ) 
UT_Error OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::setProperties ( const PP_PropertyVector properties  ) 
UT_Error OXML_ObjectWithAttrProp::setProperty ( const std::string &  szName,
const std::string &  szValue 

References setProperty().

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