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ODi_XMLRecorder Class Reference

Records XML data into data structures. More...

#include <ODi_XMLRecorder.h>

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class  CharDataCall
class  EndElementCall
class  StartElementCall
class  XMLCall

Public Types

enum  XMLCallType { XMLCallType_StartElement, XMLCallType_EndElement, XMLCallType_CharData }

Public Member Functions

 ~ODi_XMLRecorder ()
void startElement (const gchar *pName, const gchar **ppAtts)
void endElement (const gchar *pName)
void charData (const gchar *pBuffer, int length)
ODi_XMLRecorderoperator= (const ODi_XMLRecorder &rXMLRecorder)
const XMLCallgetCall (UT_sint32 index) const
UT_uint32 getCallCount () const
void clear ()

Private Attributes

UT_GenericVector< XMLCall * > m_XMLCalls

Detailed Description

Records XML data into data structures.

Useful for "replaying" a XML element, for example.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODi_XMLRecorder::~ODi_XMLRecorder (  ) 


References clear().

Member Function Documentation

void ODi_XMLRecorder::charData ( const gchar *  pBuffer,
int  length 
void ODi_XMLRecorder::clear ( void   ) 
void ODi_XMLRecorder::endElement ( const gchar *  pName  ) 
const XMLCall* ODi_XMLRecorder::getCall ( UT_sint32  index  )  const [inline]
UT_uint32 ODi_XMLRecorder::getCallCount (  )  const [inline]
ODi_XMLRecorder & ODi_XMLRecorder::operator= ( const ODi_XMLRecorder rXMLRecorder  ) 
void ODi_XMLRecorder::startElement ( const gchar *  pName,
const gchar **  ppAtts 

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