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ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState Class Reference

#include <ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState (PD_Document *pAbiDocument, GsfInfile *pGsfInfile, ODi_Office_Styles *pStyles, ODi_ElementStack &rElementStack, ODi_Abi_Data &rAbiData)
virtual ~ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState ()
void startElement (const gchar *pName, const gchar **ppAtts, ODi_ListenerStateAction &rAction)
void endElement (const gchar *pName, ODi_ListenerStateAction &rAction)
void charData (const gchar *pBuffer, int length)
 Reads the data between the "start" and "end" tags.

Private Attributes

GsfInfile * m_pGsfInfile
bool m_bOutlineStyle

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState::ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState ( PD_Document pAbiDocument,
GsfInfile *  pGsfInfile,
ODi_Office_Styles pStyles,
ODi_ElementStack rElementStack,
ODi_Abi_Data rAbiData 


pDocument The AbiWord document to be built.
pMasterStyles The master styles place holder to be filled by this listener.
pStyles The styles (common and automatic) place holder to be filled by this listener.

References m_pAbiDocument, m_pGsfInfile, m_pStyles, and UT_ASSERT_HARMLESS.

ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState::~ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState::charData ( const gchar *  pBuffer,
int  length 
) [virtual]

Reads the data between the "start" and "end" tags.

e.g: <bla>char_data</bla>

Implements ODi_ListenerState.

void ODi_StylesStream_ListenerState::endElement ( const gchar *  pName,
ODi_ListenerStateAction rAction 
) [virtual]

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