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ODi_Style_Style_Family Class Reference

Used by ODi_Office_Styles to handle a family of "style:style" styles. More...

#include <ODi_Style_Style_Family.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ODi_Style_Style_Family ()
virtual ~ODi_Style_Style_Family ()
ODi_Style_StyleaddStyle (const gchar **ppAtts, ODi_ElementStack &rElementStack, ODi_Abi_Data &rAbiData, std::string *pReplacementName=NULL, std::string *pReplacementDisplayName=NULL)
ODi_Style_StyleaddDefaultStyle (ODi_ElementStack &rElementStack, ODi_Abi_Data &rAbiData)
void fixStyles ()
 Fix any problems encountered on the added styles.
void linkStyles ()
 It links, if applicable, each style with its parent and its next style.
const ODi_Style_StylegetStyle (const gchar *pStyleName, bool bOnContentStream) const
const ODi_Style_StylegetDefaultStyle () const
void removeStyleStyle (ODi_Style_Style *pRemovedStyle, bool bOnContentStream)
void defineAbiStyles (PD_Document *pDocument) const
void buildAbiPropsAttrString (ODi_FontFaceDecls &rFontFaceDecls)

Private Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
ODi_Style_Style * > 

Private Member Functions

void _buildAbiPropsAttrString (ODi_FontFaceDecls &rFontFaceDecls, const StyleMap &map)
void _findSuitableReplacement (std::string &rReplacementName, const ODi_Style_Style *pRemovedStyle, bool bOnContentStream)
 Finds a suitable replacement for the style that will be removed.
void _reparentStyles (const StyleMap &map, const std::string &removedName, const std::string &replacementName)
void _linkStyles (const StyleMap &map, bool onContentStream)
 Helper function for linkStyles().
void _removeEmptyStyles (const StyleMap &map, bool bOnContentStream)
 Remove any style that doesn't have properties.

Private Attributes

StyleMap m_styles
StyleMap m_styles_contentStream
std::map< std::string,
std::string > 
std::map< std::string,
std::string > 

Detailed Description

Used by ODi_Office_Styles to handle a family of "style:style" styles.

Some family names: "text", "paragraph", "section", "graphic", "table", etc.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<std::string, ODi_Style_Style*> ODi_Style_Style_Family::StyleMap [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODi_Style_Style_Family::ODi_Style_Style_Family (  )  [inline]
ODi_Style_Style_Family::~ODi_Style_Style_Family (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ODi_Style_Style_Family::_buildAbiPropsAttrString ( ODi_FontFaceDecls rFontFaceDecls,
const StyleMap map 
) [private]

Referenced by buildAbiPropsAttrString().

void ODi_Style_Style_Family::_findSuitableReplacement ( std::string &  rReplacementName,
const ODi_Style_Style pRemovedStyle,
bool  bOnContentStream 
) [private]

Finds a suitable replacement for the style that will be removed.

A suitable replacement is a parent style that has properties or, if none is found, the default paragraph style.

rReplacementName Will receive the name of the replacement style.
pRemovedStyle The style that will be removed.

References ODi_Style_Style::getFamily(), ODi_Style_Style::getName(), ODi_Style_Style::getParentName(), ODi_Style_Style::hasProperties(), m_pDefaultStyle, m_removedStyleStyles, m_removedStyleStyles_contentStream, m_styles, and m_styles_contentStream.

Referenced by removeStyleStyle().

void ODi_Style_Style_Family::_linkStyles ( const StyleMap map,
bool  onContentStream 
) [private]
void ODi_Style_Style_Family::_removeEmptyStyles ( const StyleMap map,
bool  bOnContentStream 
) [private]

Remove any style that doesn't have properties.

References DELETEP, and removeStyleStyle().

Referenced by fixStyles().

void ODi_Style_Style_Family::_reparentStyles ( const StyleMap map,
const std::string &  removedName,
const std::string &  replacementName 
) [private]
ODi_Style_Style* ODi_Style_Style_Family::addDefaultStyle ( ODi_ElementStack rElementStack,
ODi_Abi_Data rAbiData 
) [inline]
ODi_Style_Style * ODi_Style_Style_Family::addStyle ( const gchar **  ppAtts,
ODi_ElementStack rElementStack,
ODi_Abi_Data rAbiData,
std::string *  pReplacementName = NULL,
std::string *  pReplacementDisplayName = NULL 
pReplacementName Name to replace the actual name of the style that is being added. NULL if the name shouldn't be replaced.

References gchar, ODi_ElementStack::hasElement(), m_removedStyleStyles, m_removedStyleStyles_contentStream, m_styles, m_styles_contentStream, ODi_Style_Style::setDisplayName(), ODi_Style_Style::setName(), UT_ASSERT, and UT_getAttribute().

Referenced by ODi_Office_Styles::addStyle().

void ODi_Style_Style_Family::buildAbiPropsAttrString ( ODi_FontFaceDecls rFontFaceDecls  ) 
void ODi_Style_Style_Family::defineAbiStyles ( PD_Document pDocument  )  const
void ODi_Style_Style_Family::fixStyles (  ) 

Fix any problems encountered on the added styles.

References _removeEmptyStyles(), m_styles, and m_styles_contentStream.

Referenced by ODi_Office_Styles::_fixStyles().

const ODi_Style_Style* ODi_Style_Style_Family::getDefaultStyle (  )  const [inline]
const ODi_Style_Style * ODi_Style_Style_Family::getStyle ( const gchar *  pStyleName,
bool  bOnContentStream 
) const
void ODi_Style_Style_Family::linkStyles (  ) 

It links, if applicable, each style with its parent and its next style.

By "linking" I mean that a given style will have a pointer to its parent and its next style.

References _linkStyles(), m_styles, and m_styles_contentStream.

Referenced by ODi_Office_Styles::_linkStyles().

void ODi_Style_Style_Family::removeStyleStyle ( ODi_Style_Style pRemovedStyle,
bool  bOnContentStream 

Member Data Documentation

std::map<std::string, std::string> ODi_Style_Style_Family::m_removedStyleStyles [private]
std::map<std::string, std::string> ODi_Style_Style_Family::m_removedStyleStyles_contentStream [private]

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