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ODi_Style_PageLayout Class Reference

An OpenDocument page layout style (<style:page-layout>). More...

#include <ODi_Style_PageLayout.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ODi_Style_PageLayout (ODi_ElementStack &rElementStack, ODi_Abi_Data &rAbiData)
virtual ~ODi_Style_PageLayout ()
void startElement (const gchar *pName, const gchar **ppAtts, ODi_ListenerStateAction &rAction)
void endElement (const gchar *pName, ODi_ListenerStateAction &rAction)
void charData (const gchar *, int)
void definePageSizeTag (PD_Document *pDocument) const
 Sets the <pagesize> tag.
const std::string getSectionProps (bool hasHeader, bool hasFooter) const
const std::string getMarginLeft () const
const std::string getMarginRight () const
const std::string & getSectionDataID () const
const std::string & getName () const

Private Member Functions

void _parseHeaderFooterProperties (const gchar **ppAtts)
 Parses <style:header-footer-properties> start tags.
void _parsePageLayoutProperties (const gchar **ppAtts)
 Parses the <style:page-layout-properties> start tag.
void _parseBackgroundImage (const gchar **ppAtts)
 Parses the <style:background-image> start tag.
std::string _buildSectionPropsString (bool hasHeader, bool hasFooter) const
void _buildSectionDataIDString ()

Private Attributes

std::string m_name
std::string m_pageWidth
std::string m_pageHeight
std::string m_printOrientation
std::string m_marginLeft
std::string m_marginRight
std::string m_marginTop
std::string m_marginBottom
std::string m_backgroundColor
std::string m_columnCount
std::string m_columnGap
std::string m_columnLine
std::string m_headerHeight
std::string m_headerMarginBottom
std::string m_footerHeight
std::string m_footerMarginTop
std::string m_backgroundImage
std::string m_sectionDataID

Detailed Description

An OpenDocument page layout style (<style:page-layout>).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODi_Style_PageLayout::ODi_Style_PageLayout ( ODi_ElementStack rElementStack,
ODi_Abi_Data rAbiData 
) [inline]
virtual ODi_Style_PageLayout::~ODi_Style_PageLayout (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ODi_Style_PageLayout::_buildSectionDataIDString (  )  [private]

References m_backgroundImage, and m_sectionDataID.

Referenced by endElement().

void ODi_Style_PageLayout::_parseBackgroundImage ( const gchar **  ppAtts  )  [private]

Parses the <style:background-image> start tag.

References ODi_Abi_Data::addImageDataItem(), UT_String::c_str(), gchar, m_backgroundImage, m_rAbiData, UT_DEBUGMSG, and UT_getAttribute().

Referenced by startElement().

void ODi_Style_PageLayout::_parseHeaderFooterProperties ( const gchar **  ppAtts  )  [private]
void ODi_Style_PageLayout::_parsePageLayoutProperties ( const gchar **  ppAtts  )  [private]

Parses the <style:page-layout-properties> start tag.

References gchar, m_backgroundColor, m_marginBottom, m_marginLeft, m_marginRight, m_marginTop, m_pageHeight, m_pageWidth, m_printOrientation, and UT_getAttribute().

Referenced by startElement().

void ODi_Style_PageLayout::charData ( const gchar *  ,
) [inline, virtual]

Implements ODi_ListenerState.

void ODi_Style_PageLayout::definePageSizeTag ( PD_Document pDocument  )  const
void ODi_Style_PageLayout::endElement ( const gchar *  pName,
ODi_ListenerStateAction rAction 
) [virtual]
const std::string ODi_Style_PageLayout::getMarginLeft (  )  const [inline]
const std::string ODi_Style_PageLayout::getMarginRight (  )  const [inline]
const std::string& ODi_Style_PageLayout::getName (  )  const [inline]

References m_name.

const std::string& ODi_Style_PageLayout::getSectionDataID (  )  const [inline]
const std::string ODi_Style_PageLayout::getSectionProps ( bool  hasHeader,
bool  hasFooter 
) const
void ODi_Style_PageLayout::startElement ( const gchar *  pName,
const gchar **  ppAtts,
ODi_ListenerStateAction rAction 
) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

std::string ODi_Style_PageLayout::m_name [private]

Referenced by getName(), and startElement().

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