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ODi_Postpone_ListenerState Class Reference

It stores the XML data and, when wanted, does its parsing. More...

#include <ODi_Postpone_ListenerState.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ODi_Postpone_ListenerState (ODi_ListenerState *pParserState, bool bDeleteWhenPop, ODi_ElementStack &rElementStack)
virtual ~ODi_Postpone_ListenerState ()
void startElement (const gchar *pName, const gchar **ppAtts, ODi_ListenerStateAction &rAction)
void endElement (const gchar *pName, ODi_ListenerStateAction &rAction)
void charData (const gchar *pBuffer, int length)
ODi_ListenerStategetParserState ()
bool getDeleteParserStateWhenPop () const
const ODi_XMLRecordergetXMLRecorder () const

Private Attributes

ODi_XMLRecorder m_xmlRecorder
bool m_bDeleteParserStateWhenPop
UT_uint32 m_elementStackCount

Detailed Description

It stores the XML data and, when wanted, does its parsing.

This class was created due to a issue with headers/footers parsing. They are defined on the styles stream but their corresponding AbiWord sections can only be added after the definition of all styles, page size and (I think) the sections of the text content.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::ODi_Postpone_ListenerState ( ODi_ListenerState pParserState,
bool  bDeleteWhenPop,
ODi_ElementStack rElementStack 


References m_bDeleteParserStateWhenPop, m_pParserState, and UT_ASSERT.

ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::~ODi_Postpone_ListenerState (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::charData ( const gchar *  pBuffer,
int  length 
) [virtual]
void ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::endElement ( const gchar *  pName,
ODi_ListenerStateAction rAction 
) [virtual]
bool ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::getDeleteParserStateWhenPop (  )  const [inline]
ODi_ListenerState* ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::getParserState (  )  [inline]
const ODi_XMLRecorder* ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::getXMLRecorder (  )  const [inline]
void ODi_Postpone_ListenerState::startElement ( const gchar *  pName,
const gchar **  ppAtts,
ODi_ListenerStateAction rAction 
) [virtual]

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