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ODe_Style_MasterPage Class Reference

A <style:master-page> element. More...

#include <ODe_Style_MasterPage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ODe_Style_MasterPage (const gchar *pName, const gchar *pPageLayoutName)
virtual ~ODe_Style_MasterPage ()
void fetchAttributesFromAbiSection (const PP_AttrProp *pAP)
 Fetches info from an AbiWord <section> tag (from its attributes as properties).
void setName (const UT_UTF8String &rName)
void setPageLayoutName (const UT_UTF8String &rPageLayoutName)
bool hasProperties () const
bool write (GsfOutput *pODT) const
GsfOutput * getHeaderContentTempFile () const
GsfOutput * getHeaderEvenContentTempFile () const
GsfOutput * getFooterContentTempFile () const
GsfOutput * getFooterEvenContentTempFile () const
const UT_UTF8StringgetAbiHeaderId () const
const UT_UTF8StringgetAbiHeaderEvenId () const
const UT_UTF8StringgetAbiFooterId () const
const UT_UTF8StringgetAbiFooterEvenId () const

Private Attributes

UT_UTF8String m_name
UT_UTF8String m_pageLayoutName
UT_UTF8String m_abiHeaderId
UT_UTF8String m_abiHeaderEvenId
UT_UTF8String m_abiFooterId
UT_UTF8String m_abiFooterEvenId
GsfOutput * m_pHeaderContentTemp
GsfOutput * m_pHeaderEvenContentTemp
GsfOutput * m_pFooterContentTemp
GsfOutput * m_pFooterEvenContentTemp

Detailed Description

A <style:master-page> element.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODe_Style_MasterPage::ODe_Style_MasterPage ( const gchar *  pName,
const gchar *  pPageLayoutName 
ODe_Style_MasterPage::~ODe_Style_MasterPage (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ODe_Style_MasterPage::fetchAttributesFromAbiSection ( const PP_AttrProp pAP  ) 

Fetches info from an AbiWord <section> tag (from its attributes as properties).

References gchar, PP_AttrProp::getAttribute(), m_abiFooterEvenId, m_abiFooterId, m_abiHeaderEvenId, and m_abiHeaderId.

Referenced by ODe_Main_Listener::openSection().

const UT_UTF8String& ODe_Style_MasterPage::getAbiFooterEvenId (  )  const [inline]
const UT_UTF8String& ODe_Style_MasterPage::getAbiFooterId (  )  const [inline]
const UT_UTF8String& ODe_Style_MasterPage::getAbiHeaderEvenId (  )  const [inline]
const UT_UTF8String& ODe_Style_MasterPage::getAbiHeaderId (  )  const [inline]
GsfOutput* ODe_Style_MasterPage::getFooterContentTempFile (  )  const [inline]
GsfOutput* ODe_Style_MasterPage::getFooterEvenContentTempFile (  )  const [inline]
GsfOutput* ODe_Style_MasterPage::getHeaderContentTempFile (  )  const [inline]
GsfOutput* ODe_Style_MasterPage::getHeaderEvenContentTempFile (  )  const [inline]
bool ODe_Style_MasterPage::hasProperties (  )  const [inline]
void ODe_Style_MasterPage::setName ( const UT_UTF8String rName  )  [inline]

References m_name.

void ODe_Style_MasterPage::setPageLayoutName ( const UT_UTF8String rPageLayoutName  )  [inline]

References m_pageLayoutName.

bool ODe_Style_MasterPage::write ( GsfOutput *  pODT  )  const

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