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ODc_Crypto Class Reference

#include <ODc_Crypto.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static UT_Error decrypt (GsfInput *pStream, const ODc_CryptoInfo &cryptInfo, const std::string &password, GsfInput **pDecryptedInput)

Static Private Member Functions

static UT_Error performDecrypt (GsfInput *pStream, unsigned char *salt, UT_uint32 salt_length, UT_uint32 iter_count, unsigned char *ivec, gsize ivec_length, const std::string &password, UT_uint32 decrypted_size, GsfInput **pDecryptedInput)

Member Function Documentation

UT_Error ODc_Crypto::decrypt ( GsfInput *  pStream,
const ODc_CryptoInfo cryptInfo,
const std::string &  password,
GsfInput **  pDecryptedInput 
) [static]
UT_Error ODc_Crypto::performDecrypt ( GsfInput *  pStream,
unsigned char *  salt,
UT_uint32  salt_length,
UT_uint32  iter_count,
unsigned char *  ivec,
gsize  ivec_length,
const std::string &  password,
UT_uint32  decrypted_size,
GsfInput **  pDecryptedInput 
) [static, private]

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