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ImportStream Class Reference

#include <ie_imp_Text.h>

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ImportStreamClipboard ImportStreamFile ImportISCIIStreamFile

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Public Member Functions

 ImportStream ()
virtual ~ImportStream ()
bool init (const char *szEncoding)
bool getChar (UT_UCSChar &b)
UT_UCSChar peekChar ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool _getByte (unsigned char &b)=0
virtual bool getRawChar (UT_UCSChar &b)
bool _get_eof () const
void _set_eof (bool b)
UT_UCSChar _lookAhead () const
void _lookAhead (UT_UCSChar c)

Private Attributes

UT_UCS4_mbtowc m_Mbtowc
UT_UCSChar m_ucsLookAhead
bool m_bEOF
bool m_bRaw

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImportStream::ImportStream (  ) 

Construct ImportStream

ImportStream::~ImportStream (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool ImportStream::_get_eof (  )  const [inline, protected]
virtual bool ImportStream::_getByte ( unsigned char &  b  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Implemented in ImportStreamFile, and ImportStreamClipboard.

Referenced by getRawChar().

UT_UCSChar ImportStream::_lookAhead (  )  const [inline, protected]
void ImportStream::_lookAhead ( UT_UCSChar  c  )  [inline, protected]
void ImportStream::_set_eof ( bool  b  )  [inline, protected]
bool ImportStream::getChar ( UT_UCSChar ucs  ) 

Get UCS-2 character from stream

ucs Reference to the character

Returns single character for CRLF combination

References getRawChar(), peekChar(), UCS_CR, and UCS_LF.

Referenced by IE_Imp_Text::_parseStream(), IE_Imp_MathML::_parseStream(), IE_Imp_Component::_parseStream(), IE_Imp_Object::_parseStream(), and init().

bool ImportStream::getRawChar ( UT_UCSChar ucs  )  [protected, virtual]

Get UCS-2 character from stream

ucs Reference to the character

Get the next UCS character, converting from file's encoding

Reimplemented in ImportISCIIStreamFile.

References _getByte(), m_bEOF, m_bRaw, m_Mbtowc, m_ucsLookAhead, UT_UCS4_mbtowc::mbtowc(), UCS_ABICONTROL_END, and UT_ASSERT_HARMLESS.

Referenced by getChar().

bool ImportStream::init ( const char *  szEncoding  ) 

Initialize ImportStream

szEncoding Text encoding to convert from

Sets encoding and prefetches lookahead character. Set to 0 to handle raw bytes.

References getChar(), m_bRaw, m_Mbtowc, and UT_UCS4_mbtowc::setInCharset().

Referenced by IE_Imp_MathML::_loadFile(), IE_Imp_Component::_loadFile(), IE_Imp_Object::_loadFile(), IE_Imp_Text::_parseStream(), IE_Imp_MathML::pasteFromBuffer(), IE_Imp_Component::pasteFromBuffer(), and IE_Imp_Object::pasteFromBuffer().

UT_UCSChar ImportStream::peekChar (  )  [inline]

Referenced by getChar().

Member Data Documentation

bool ImportStream::m_bEOF [private]

Referenced by getRawChar().

bool ImportStream::m_bRaw [private]

Referenced by getRawChar(), and init().

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