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IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic ()
virtual ~IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic ()
virtual UT_Error importGraphic (const UT_ConstByteBufPtr &pBB, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)

Private Member Functions

UT_Error _importGraphic (const UT_ConstByteBufPtr &pBB)
void _createPNGFromPixbuf (GdkPixbuf *pixbuf)
UT_Error Initialize_PNG (void)

Private Attributes

png_structp m_pPNG
png_infop m_pPNGInfo
UT_ByteBufPtr m_pPngBB

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic::IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic (  )  [inline]
virtual IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic::~IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic::_createPNGFromPixbuf ( GdkPixbuf *  pixbuf  )  [inline, private]

References DELETEP, m_pPNG, and m_pPNGInfo.

Referenced by _importGraphic().

UT_Error IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic::_importGraphic ( const UT_ConstByteBufPtr pBB  )  [inline, private]
virtual UT_Error IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic::importGraphic ( const UT_ConstByteBufPtr pBB,
FG_ConstGraphicPtr pfg 
) [inline, virtual]

Convert an image data buffer into PNG image buffer.

Reimplemented from IE_ImpGraphic.

References _importGraphic(), DELETEP, m_pPngBB, and UT_OK.

UT_Error IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic::Initialize_PNG ( void   )  [inline, private]

References _write_png(), m_pPNG, m_pPngBB, and m_pPNGInfo.

Referenced by _importGraphic().

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