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IE_Imp_TableHelper Class Reference

#include <ie_Table.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IE_Imp_TableHelper (PD_Document *pDocument, pf_Frag_Strux *pfsInsertionPoint, const char *style)
 ~IE_Imp_TableHelper ()
bool tableStart ()
bool tableEnd ()
bool theadStart (const char *style)
bool tfootStart (const char *style)
bool tbodyStart (const char *style=0)
bool trStart (const char *style)
bool tdStart (UT_sint32 rowspan, UT_sint32 colspan, const char *style, pf_Frag_Strux *pfsThis)
bool Block (PTStruxType pts, const PP_PropertyVector &attributes)
bool BlockFormat (const PP_PropertyVector &attributes)
bool Inline (const UT_UCSChar *ucs4_str, UT_sint32 length)
bool InlineFormat (const PP_PropertyVector &attributes)
bool Object (PTObjectType pto, const PP_PropertyVector &attributes)
void padAllRowsWithCells (UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > &vecCells, UT_sint32 extra)
void padRowWithCells (UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > &vecCells, UT_sint32 row, UT_sint32 extra)
CellHelpergetCellAtRowCol (UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > &vecCells, UT_sint32 row, UT_sint32 col) const
bool setCaptionOn (void)
bool setCaptionOff (void)
bool tdEnd (void) const
pf_Frag_StruxgetInsertionPoint () const

Private Member Functions

bool trEnd ()
void trClean ()
bool tdPending () const
PD_DocumentgetDoc () const

Private Attributes

std::string m_style_table
std::string m_style_tzone
std::string m_style
UT_sint32 m_rows
UT_sint32 m_rows_head
UT_sint32 m_rows_head_max
UT_sint32 m_rows_foot
UT_sint32 m_rows_foot_max
UT_sint32 m_rows_body
UT_sint32 m_rows_body_max
UT_sint32 m_cols
UT_sint32 m_cols_max
UT_sint32 m_col_next
UT_sint32 m_row_next
UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > m_thead
UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > m_tfoot
UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > m_tbody
TableZone m_tzone
bool m_bBlockInsertedForCell
bool m_bCaptionOn

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IE_Imp_TableHelper::IE_Imp_TableHelper ( PD_Document pDocument,
pf_Frag_Strux pfsInsertionPoint,
const char *  style 
IE_Imp_TableHelper::~IE_Imp_TableHelper (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::Block ( PTStruxType  pts,
const PP_PropertyVector attributes 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::BlockFormat ( const PP_PropertyVector attributes  ) 
CellHelper * IE_Imp_TableHelper::getCellAtRowCol ( UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > &  vecCells,
UT_sint32  row,
UT_sint32  col 
) const

Get a cellHelper at the specified row and column. Return NULL if none found. Optimized to find or not find cells near the end of the specifed vector.

References UT_GenericVector< T >::getItemCount(), UT_GenericVector< T >::getNthItem(), CellHelper::m_bottom, CellHelper::m_left, CellHelper::m_right, and CellHelper::m_top.

Referenced by tdStart(), and trEnd().

PD_Document* IE_Imp_TableHelper::getDoc ( void   )  const [inline, private]
pf_Frag_Strux* IE_Imp_TableHelper::getInsertionPoint (  )  const [inline]
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::Inline ( const UT_UCSChar ucs4_str,
UT_sint32  length 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::InlineFormat ( const PP_PropertyVector attributes  ) 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::Object ( PTObjectType  pto,
const PP_PropertyVector attributes 
void IE_Imp_TableHelper::padAllRowsWithCells ( UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > &  vecCells,
UT_sint32  extra 
void IE_Imp_TableHelper::padRowWithCells ( UT_GenericVector< CellHelper * > &  vecCells,
UT_sint32  row,
UT_sint32  extra 

Pad out the supplied row with the requested number of cells at the end of the vector.

References UT_GenericVector< T >::getItemCount(), UT_GenericVector< T >::getNthItem(), m_current, CellHelper::m_next, CellHelper::m_pfsCell, m_pfsCellPoint, CellHelper::m_top, CellHelper::m_tzone, m_tzone, and tdStart().

Referenced by padAllRowsWithCells(), and trEnd().

bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::setCaptionOff ( void   ) 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::setCaptionOn ( void   ) 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::tableEnd (  ) 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::tableStart ( void   ) 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::tbodyStart ( const char *  style = 0  ) 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::tdEnd ( void   )  const

Handle tag. In there is no content, write a blank block

References getDoc(), PD_Document::insertStruxBeforeFrag(), m_bBlockInsertedForCell, m_pfsInsertionPoint, and PTX_Block.

Referenced by IE_Imp_TableHelperStack::tdEnd().

bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::tdPending (  )  const [private]
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::tdStart ( UT_sint32  rowspan,
UT_sint32  colspan,
const char *  style,
pf_Frag_Strux pfsThis 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::tfootStart ( const char *  style  ) 
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::theadStart ( const char *  style  ) 
void IE_Imp_TableHelper::trClean (  )  [private]
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::trEnd (  )  [private]
bool IE_Imp_TableHelper::trStart ( const char *  style  ) 

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by trEnd().

Referenced by padRowWithCells(), tdStart(), and trStart().

Referenced by IE_Imp_TableHelper().

Referenced by tableEnd(), and tableStart().

Referenced by tbodyStart(), and trEnd().

Referenced by trEnd().

Referenced by tfootStart(), and trEnd().

Referenced by trEnd().

Referenced by theadStart(), and trEnd().

Referenced by trEnd().

std::string IE_Imp_TableHelper::m_style [private]

Referenced by tableStart(), and trStart().

std::string IE_Imp_TableHelper::m_style_table [private]
std::string IE_Imp_TableHelper::m_style_tzone [private]

Referenced by tbodyStart(), tfootStart(), and theadStart().

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