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IE_ImpSniffer Class Reference

#include <ie_imp.h>

Inheritance diagram for IE_ImpSniffer:
IE_Imp_AbiCollabSniffer IE_Imp_AbiWord_1_Sniffer IE_Imp_Applix_Sniffer IE_Imp_ClarisWorks_Sniffer IE_Imp_Component_Sniffer IE_Imp_DocBook_Sniffer IE_Imp_EncodedText_Sniffer IE_Imp_EPUB_Sniffer IE_Imp_Hancom_Sniffer IE_Imp_ISCII_Sniffer IE_Imp_KWord_1_Sniffer IE_Imp_MathML_Sniffer IE_Imp_MHT_Sniffer IE_Imp_MIF_Sniffer IE_Imp_MsWord_97_Sniffer IE_Imp_MSWrite_Sniffer IE_Imp_Object_Sniffer IE_Imp_OpenDocument_Sniffer IE_Imp_OpenWriter_Sniffer IE_Imp_OpenXML_Sniffer IE_Imp_OPML_Sniffer IE_Imp_PalmDoc_Sniffer IE_Imp_PDF_Sniffer IE_Imp_Psion_Sniffer IE_Imp_RDF_Sniffer IE_Imp_RTF_Sniffer IE_Imp_StarOffice_Sniffer IE_Imp_T602_Sniffer IE_Imp_Text_Sniffer IE_Imp_Tidy_Sniffer IE_Imp_WML_Sniffer IE_Imp_WordPerfect_Sniffer IE_Imp_XHTML_Sniffer IE_Imp_XSL_FO_Sniffer

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IE_ImpSniffer ()
bool supportsFileType (IEFileType type)
IEFileType getFileType () const
virtual UT_Confidence_t recognizeContents (const char *szBuf, UT_uint32 iNumbytes)
virtual UT_Confidence_t recognizeContents (GsfInput *input)
virtual const IE_SuffixConfidencegetSuffixConfidence ()=0
virtual const IE_MimeConfidencegetMimeConfidence ()=0
virtual bool getDlgLabels (const char **szDesc, const char **szSuffixList, IEFileType *ft)=0
virtual UT_Error constructImporter (PD_Document *pDocument, IE_Imp **ppie)=0
const UT_UTF8Stringname () const
bool getCanPaste () const

Protected Member Functions

 IE_ImpSniffer (const char *name, bool canPaste=false)

Private Member Functions

void setFileType (IEFileType type)

Private Attributes

const UT_UTF8String m_name
IEFileType m_type
bool m_bCanPaste


class IE_Imp

Detailed Description

IE_Imp defines the abstract base class for file importers.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IE_ImpSniffer::~IE_ImpSniffer (  )  [virtual]
IE_ImpSniffer::IE_ImpSniffer ( const char *  name,
bool  canPaste = false 
) [protected]

Member Function Documentation

bool IE_ImpSniffer::getCanPaste (  )  const [inline]
const UT_UTF8String& IE_ImpSniffer::name (  )  const [inline]
UT_Confidence_t IE_ImpSniffer::recognizeContents ( GsfInput *  input  )  [virtual]

Return a number in the range [0,255] as to your confidence that you recognize the contents. 0 being the least, 127 being so-so, 255 being absolutely sure

Reimplemented in IE_Imp_EPUB_Sniffer, IE_Imp_OpenDocument_Sniffer, IE_Imp_OpenWriter_Sniffer, IE_Imp_OpenXML_Sniffer, IE_Imp_StarOffice_Sniffer, IE_Imp_WordPerfect_Sniffer, and IE_Imp_MsWord_97_Sniffer.

References recognizeContents(), and UT_MIN.

void IE_ImpSniffer::setFileType ( IEFileType  type  )  [inline, private]

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