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IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native Class Reference

#include <ie_impGraphic_Win32Native.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual UT_Error importGraphic (const UT_ConstByteBufPtr &pBB, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)

Private Member Functions

UT_Error _convertGraphic (UT_ByteBuf *pBB, std::string &mimetype)
UT_Error Read_BMP_Header (UT_ByteBuf *pBB)
UT_Error Initialize_PNG ()
UT_Error Convert_BMP_Palette (UT_ByteBuf *pBB)
UT_Error Convert_BMP (UT_ByteBuf *pBB)
UT_Byte ReadByte (UT_ByteBuf *pBB, UT_uint32 offset)
UT_uint16 Read2Bytes (UT_ByteBuf *pBB, UT_uint32 offset)
UT_uint32 Read4Bytes (UT_ByteBuf *pBB, UT_uint32 offset)
UT_uint32 ReadBytes (UT_ByteBuf *pBB, UT_uint32 offset, UT_uint32 num_bytes)
void InitializePrivateClassData ()

Private Attributes

png_structp m_pPNG
png_infop m_pPNGInfo
UT_uint16 m_iFileType
UT_uint32 m_iFileSize
UT_uint16 m_iXHotspot
UT_uint16 m_iYHotspot
UT_uint32 m_iOffset
UT_uint32 m_iHeaderSize
UT_sint32 m_iWidth
UT_sint32 m_iHeight
UT_uint16 m_iPlanes
UT_uint16 m_iBitsPerPlane
UT_uint32 m_iCompression
UT_uint32 m_iImageSize
UT_uint32 m_iXResolution
UT_uint32 m_iYResolution
UT_uint32 m_iClrUsed
UT_uint32 m_iClrImportant
UT_uint16 m_iResolutionUnits
UT_uint16 m_iPadding
UT_uint16 m_iOrigin
UT_uint16 m_iHalfToning
UT_uint32 m_iHalfToningParam1
UT_uint32 m_iHalfToningParam2
UT_uint32 m_iClrEncoding
UT_uint32 m_iIdentifier
UT_uint32 m_iBytesRead
bool m_bOldBMPFormat
bool m_bHeaderDone

Member Function Documentation

UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::Convert_BMP ( UT_ByteBuf pBB  )  [private]
UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::Convert_BMP_Palette ( UT_ByteBuf pBB  )  [private]
virtual UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::importGraphic ( const UT_ConstByteBufPtr pBB,
FG_ConstGraphicPtr pfg 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from IE_ImpGraphic.

UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::Initialize_PNG ( void   )  [private]
UT_uint16 IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::Read2Bytes ( UT_ByteBuf pBB,
UT_uint32  offset 
) [private]

References ReadBytes().

Referenced by Read_BMP_Header().

UT_uint32 IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::Read4Bytes ( UT_ByteBuf pBB,
UT_uint32  offset 
) [private]

References ReadBytes().

Referenced by Read_BMP_Header().

UT_Byte IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::ReadByte ( UT_ByteBuf pBB,
UT_uint32  offset 
) [private]

References ReadBytes().

Referenced by Convert_BMP_Palette().

UT_uint32 IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native::ReadBytes ( UT_ByteBuf pBB,
UT_uint32  offset,
UT_uint32  num_bytes 
) [private]

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