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IE_ImpGraphicPNG_Sniffer Class Reference

#include <ie_impGraphic_PNG.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const IE_SuffixConfidencegetSuffixConfidence ()
virtual const IE_MimeConfidencegetMimeConfidence ()
virtual UT_Confidence_t recognizeContents (const char *szBuf, UT_uint32 iNumbytes)
virtual bool getDlgLabels (const char **szDesc, const char **szSuffixList, IEGraphicFileType *ft)
virtual UT_Error constructImporter (IE_ImpGraphic **ppieg)

Member Function Documentation

UT_Error IE_ImpGraphicPNG_Sniffer::constructImporter ( IE_ImpGraphic **  ppieg  )  [virtual]

Implements IE_ImpGraphicSniffer.

bool IE_ImpGraphicPNG_Sniffer::getDlgLabels ( const char **  szDesc,
const char **  szSuffixList,
IEGraphicFileType ft 
) [virtual]
const IE_MimeConfidence * IE_ImpGraphicPNG_Sniffer::getMimeConfidence (  )  [virtual]

Implements IE_ImpGraphicSniffer.

const IE_SuffixConfidence * IE_ImpGraphicPNG_Sniffer::getSuffixConfidence (  )  [virtual]

Implements IE_ImpGraphicSniffer.

UT_Confidence_t IE_ImpGraphicPNG_Sniffer::recognizeContents ( const char *  szBuf,
UT_uint32  iNumbytes 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from IE_ImpGraphicSniffer.

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