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IE_ImpGraphic Class Reference

#include <ie_impGraphic.h>

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IE_Imp_WordPerfectGraphics IE_ImpGraphic_BMP IE_ImpGraphic_Cocoa IE_ImpGraphic_GdkPixbuf IE_ImpGraphic_PNG IE_ImpGraphic_SVG IE_ImpGraphic_Win32Native IE_ImpGraphic_WMF IE_RSVGBitmapGraphic

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IE_ImpGraphic ()
virtual UT_Error importGraphic (const UT_ConstByteBufPtr &pBB, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)
virtual UT_Error importGraphic (GsfInput *input, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)
UT_Error importGraphic (const char *szFilename, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)

Static Public Member Functions

static IEGraphicFileType fileTypeForSuffix (const char *szSuffix)
static IEGraphicFileType fileTypeForMimetype (const char *szMimetype)
static IEGraphicFileType fileTypeForContents (const char *szBuf, UT_uint32 iNumbytes)
static bool enumerateDlgLabels (UT_uint32 ndx, const char **pszDesc, const char **pszSuffixList, IEGraphicFileType *ft)
static UT_uint32 getImporterCount (void)
static void registerImporter (IE_ImpGraphicSniffer *sniffer)
static void unregisterImporter (IE_ImpGraphicSniffer *sniffer)
static void unregisterAllImporters ()
static const std::vector
< std::string > & 
getSupportedMimeTypes ()
static const std::vector
< std::string > & 
getSupportedMimeClasses ()
static const std::vector
< std::string > & 
getSupportedSuffixes ()
static const char * getMimeTypeForSuffix (const char *suffix)
static UT_Error constructImporterWithDescription (const char *szDesc, IE_ImpGraphic **ppieg)
static UT_Error constructImporter (const UT_ConstByteBufPtr &bytes, IEGraphicFileType ft, IE_ImpGraphic **ppieg)
static UT_Error constructImporter (const char *szFilename, IEGraphicFileType ft, IE_ImpGraphic **ppieg)
static UT_Error constructImporter (GsfInput *input, IEGraphicFileType ft, IE_ImpGraphic **ppieg)
static UT_Error loadGraphic (const char *szFilename, IEGraphicFileType iegft, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)
static UT_Error loadGraphic (GsfInput *input, IEGraphicFileType iegft, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)
static UT_Error loadGraphic (const UT_ConstByteBufPtr &pBB, IEGraphicFileType iegft, FG_ConstGraphicPtr &pfg)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual IE_ImpGraphic::~IE_ImpGraphic (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic::constructImporter ( const char *  szFilename,
IEGraphicFileType  ft,
IE_ImpGraphic **  ppieg 
) [static]
UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic::constructImporterWithDescription ( const char *  szDesc,
IE_ImpGraphic **  ppieg 
) [static]
bool IE_ImpGraphic::enumerateDlgLabels ( UT_uint32  ndx,
const char **  pszDesc,
const char **  pszSuffixList,
IEGraphicFileType ft 
) [static]
const char * IE_ImpGraphic::getMimeTypeForSuffix ( const char *  suffix  )  [static]
const std::vector< std::string > & IE_ImpGraphic::getSupportedMimeClasses (  )  [static]

Get supported mime classes by builtin- and plugin-filters.

References IE_IMP_GraphicMimeClasses, IE_IMP_GraphicSniffers, IE_MIME_MATCH_CLASS, IE_MimeConfidence::match, and IE_MimeConfidence::mimetype.

const std::vector< std::string > & IE_ImpGraphic::getSupportedMimeTypes (  )  [static]

Get supported mimetypes by builtin- and plugin-filters.

References IE_IMP_GraphicMimeTypes, IE_IMP_GraphicSniffers, IE_MIME_MATCH_FULL, IE_MimeConfidence::match, and IE_MimeConfidence::mimetype.

Referenced by s_getDragInfo().

const std::vector< std::string > & IE_ImpGraphic::getSupportedSuffixes (  )  [static]

Get supported suffixes by builtin- and plugin-filters.

References IE_IMP_GraphicSniffers, IE_IMP_GraphicSuffixes, and IE_SuffixConfidence::suffix.

UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic::importGraphic ( const char *  szFilename,
FG_ConstGraphicPtr pfg 
UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic::importGraphic ( GsfInput *  input,
FG_ConstGraphicPtr pfg 
) [virtual]
UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic::loadGraphic ( GsfInput *  input,
IEGraphicFileType  iegft,
FG_ConstGraphicPtr pfg 
) [static]
UT_Error IE_ImpGraphic::loadGraphic ( const UT_ConstByteBufPtr pBB,
IEGraphicFileType  iegft,
FG_ConstGraphicPtr pfg 
) [static]

References loadGraphic().

void IE_ImpGraphic::registerImporter ( IE_ImpGraphicSniffer sniffer  )  [static]
void IE_ImpGraphic::unregisterAllImporters (  )  [static]

References DELETEP, IE_IMP_GraphicSniffers, and size.

Referenced by IE_ImpExp_UnRegisterXP().

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