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IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree Class Reference

#include <ie_exp_HTML_StyleTree.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree (PD_Document *pDocument)
 ~IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree ()
bool add (const gchar *style_name, PD_Document *pDoc)
const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTreefindAndUse (const gchar *style_name)
const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTreefind (const gchar *style_name) const
const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTreefind (PD_Style *style) const
bool descends (const gchar *style_name) const
template<typename StyleListener >
void print (StyleListener *listener) const
const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTreeoperator[] (UT_uint32 i) const
UT_uint32 count () const
const std::string & style_name () const
const std::string & class_name () const
const std::string & class_list () const
PD_DocumentgetDocument () const
const std::string & lookup (const std::string &prop_name) const

Private Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
std::string > 

Private Member Functions

 IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree (IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree *parent, const gchar *name, PD_Style *style)
bool add (const gchar *style_name, PD_Style *style)
void inUse ()

Private Attributes

IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree ** m_list
UT_uint32 m_count
UT_uint32 m_max
bool m_bInUse
std::string m_style_name
std::string m_class_name
std::string m_class_list
map_type m_map

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<std::string, std::string> IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::map_type [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree ( IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree parent,
const gchar *  name,
PD_Style style 
) [private]
IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree ( PD_Document pDocument  ) 

References gchar, m_map, and s_prop_list.

IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::~IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree (  ) 

References DELETEP, FREEP, m_count, and m_list.

Member Function Documentation

bool IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::add ( const gchar *  style_name,
PD_Style style 
) [private]
bool IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::add ( const gchar *  style_name,
PD_Document pDoc 
const std::string& IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::class_list (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree().

const std::string& IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::class_name (  )  const [inline]
UT_uint32 IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::count (  )  const [inline]
bool IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::descends ( const gchar *  style_name  )  const

References descends(), m_parent, and m_style_name.

Referenced by descends().

const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree * IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::find ( const gchar *  style_name  )  const
const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree * IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::find ( PD_Style style  )  const
const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree * IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::findAndUse ( const gchar *  style_name  ) 

References find(), and inUse().

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML_StyleListener::styleCheck().

PD_Document* IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::getDocument ( void   )  const [inline]
void IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::inUse (  )  [private]

References inUse(), m_bInUse, and m_parent.

Referenced by findAndUse(), and inUse().

const std::string & IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::lookup ( const std::string &  prop_name  )  const

References lookup(), m_map, and m_parent.

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree(), and lookup().

const IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree* IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::operator[] ( UT_uint32  i  )  const [inline]
template<typename StyleListener >
void IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::print ( StyleListener listener  )  const
const std::string& IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::style_name (  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by inUse(), and print().

std::string IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::m_class_list [private]

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree().

std::string IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::m_class_name [private]

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree(), and print().

Referenced by add().

Referenced by add(), descends(), inUse(), lookup(), and print().

std::string IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::m_style_name [private]

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