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IE_Exp_HTML_Listener Class Reference

Adapter that converts PL_Listener calls into more suitable for HTML exporter form. More...

#include <ie_exp_HTML_Listener.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IE_Exp_HTML_Listener (PD_Document *pDocument, IE_Exp_HTML_DataExporter *pDataExporter, IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree *pStyleTree, IE_Exp_HTML_NavigationHelper *pNavigationHelper, IE_Exp_HTML_ListenerImpl *pListenerImpl, const UT_UTF8String &filename)
virtual bool populate (fl_ContainerLayout *sfh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr)
virtual bool populateStrux (pf_Frag_Strux *sdh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr, fl_ContainerLayout **psfh)
virtual bool endOfDocument ()
virtual bool change (fl_ContainerLayout *sfh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr)
virtual bool insertStrux (fl_ContainerLayout *sfh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr, pf_Frag_Strux *sdh, PL_ListenerId lid, void(*pfnBindHandles)(pf_Frag_Strux *sdhNew, PL_ListenerId lid, fl_ContainerLayout *sfhNew))
void insertLineFeed (void)
virtual bool signal (UT_uint32 iSignal)
void set_EmbedCSS (bool bEmbed=true)
void set_EmbedImages (bool bEmbed=true)
void set_SplitDocument (bool bSplit=true)
void set_RenderMathMLToPng (bool bRender=true)
bool get_HasMathML () const

Private Member Functions

const gchar * _getObjectKey (const PT_AttrPropIndex &api, const gchar *key)
virtual bool _beginOfDocument (const PT_AttrPropIndex &api)
void _outputData (const UT_UCSChar *pData, UT_uint32 length)
void _openSpan (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeSpan ()
void _openHeading (PT_AttrPropIndex api, size_t level, const gchar *szStyleName=NULL)
void _closeHeading ()
void _openBlock (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeBlock ()
void _openSection (PT_AttrPropIndex api, bool recursiveCall=false)
void _closeSection (bool recursiveCall=false)
void _openField (const PX_ChangeRecord_Object *pcro, PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeField ()
void _openTable (PT_AttrPropIndex api, bool recursiveCall=false)
void _closeTable (bool recursiveCall=false)
void _openRow (PT_AttrPropIndex api, bool recursiveCall=false)
void _closeRow (bool recursiveCall=false)
void _openCell (PT_AttrPropIndex api, bool recursiveCall=false)
void _closeCell (bool recursiveCall=false)
void _openList (PT_AttrPropIndex api, bool recursiveCall=false)
void _closeList (bool recursiveCall=false)
void _closeLists ()
void _openListItem (bool recursiveCall=false)
void _closeListItem (bool recursiveCall=false)
void _openFootnote (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeFootnote ()
void _openEndnote (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeEndnote ()
void _openAnnotation (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeAnnotation ()
void _openFrame (PT_AttrPropIndex api, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr)
void _closeFrame ()
void _openBookmark (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeBookmark ()
void _openHyperlink (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeHyperlink ()
void _openDocument ()
void _closeDocument ()
void _openHead ()
void _closeHead ()
void _openBody ()
void _closeBody ()
void _openTextbox (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeTextbox ()
void _insertPosImage (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _insertDTD ()
void _insertLinks ()
void _insertTitle ()
void _insertMeta ()
void _insertImage (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _insertEmbeddedImage (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _insertMath (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _insertTOC (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _insertEndnotes ()
void _insertFootnotes ()
void _insertAnnotations ()
void _insertStyle ()
void _insertLinkToStyle ()
void _handleAnnotationData (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _handleImage (PT_AttrPropIndex api, const gchar *szDataId, bool bIsPositioned)
void _makeStylesheet (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _setCellWidthInches ()
void _fillColWidthsVector ()

Private Attributes

bool m_bFirstWrite
bool m_bInSpan
bool m_bInBlock
bool m_bInBookmark
bool m_bInHyperlink
bool m_bInSection
bool m_bInAnnotation
bool m_bInAnnotationSection
bool m_bInEndnote
bool m_bInFootnote
bool m_bInHeading
bool m_bInTextbox
bool m_bSkipSection
UT_UTF8String m_currentFieldType
UT_UTF8String m_bookmarkName
PT_AttrPropIndex m_apiLastSpan
UT_sint32 m_iInTable
UT_sint32 m_iInRow
UT_sint32 m_iInCell
bool m_bFirstRow
ie_Table m_tableHelper
UT_GenericVector< ListInfom_listInfoStack
std::vector< UT_UTF8Stringm_endnotes
std::vector< UT_UTF8Stringm_footnotes
std::vector< UT_UTF8Stringm_annotationTitles
std::vector< UT_UTF8Stringm_annotationAuthors
std::vector< UT_UTF8Stringm_annotationContents
bool m_bEmbedCss
bool m_bEmbedImages
bool m_bRenderMathToPng
bool m_bSplitDocument
bool m_bScaleUnits
bool m_bAbsUnits
UT_UTF8String m_filename
UT_UTF8String m_stylesheet
UT_uint32 m_iHeadingCount
double m_dPageWidthInches
double m_dSecLeftMarginInches
double m_dSecRightMarginInches
double m_dSecTopMarginInches
double m_dSecBottomMarginInches
double m_dCellWidthInches
UT_GenericVector< double > m_vecDWidths
bool m_bHasMathMl

Detailed Description

Adapter that converts PL_Listener calls into more suitable for HTML exporter form.

Inspired by the OpenDocument export plugin.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::IE_Exp_HTML_Listener ( PD_Document pDocument,
IE_Exp_HTML_DataExporter pDataExporter,
IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree pStyleTree,
IE_Exp_HTML_NavigationHelper pNavigationHelper,
IE_Exp_HTML_ListenerImpl pListenerImpl,
const UT_UTF8String filename 

Member Function Documentation

bool IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_beginOfDocument ( const PT_AttrPropIndex api  )  [private, virtual]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeAnnotation ( void   )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeBlock ( void   )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeBody (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeBookmark (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeCell ( bool  recursiveCall = false  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeDocument (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeEndnote (  )  [private]

References m_bInEndnote.

Referenced by populateStrux().

void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeFootnote (  )  [private]

References m_bInBlock, and m_bInFootnote.

Referenced by populateStrux().

void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeFrame (  )  [private]

References _closeTextbox().

Referenced by populateStrux().

void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeHead (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeHeading (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeHyperlink ( void   )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeList ( bool  recursiveCall = false  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeLists ( void   )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeRow ( bool  recursiveCall = false  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeSection ( bool  recursiveCall = false  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeSpan ( void   )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeTable ( bool  recursiveCall = false  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_closeTextbox (  )  [private]
const gchar * IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_getObjectKey ( const PT_AttrPropIndex api,
const gchar *  key 
) [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_handleAnnotationData ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertAnnotations (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertDTD (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertEmbeddedImage ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertEndnotes (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertFootnotes (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertImage ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertLinks (  )  [private]

Referenced by _beginOfDocument().

void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertLinkToStyle (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertPosImage ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertStyle (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_insertTitle (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openAnnotation ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openBody (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openDocument (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openEndnote ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openFootnote ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openFrame ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api,
const PX_ChangeRecord pcr 
) [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openHead (  )  [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openHeading ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api,
size_t  level,
const gchar *  szStyleName = NULL 
) [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openRow ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api,
bool  recursiveCall = false 
) [private]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_openTextbox ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  [private]
bool IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::change ( fl_ContainerLayout sfh,
const PX_ChangeRecord pcr 
) [virtual]

Implements PL_Listener.

bool IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::get_HasMathML (  )  const [inline]

References m_bHasMathMl.

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML::_createChapter().

void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::insertLineFeed ( void   ) 
bool IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::insertStrux ( fl_ContainerLayout sfh,
const PX_ChangeRecord pcr,
pf_Frag_Strux sdh,
PL_ListenerId  lid,
void(*)(pf_Frag_Strux *sdhNew, PL_ListenerId lid, fl_ContainerLayout *sfhNew)  pfnBindHandles 
) [virtual]

Implements PL_Listener.

void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::set_EmbedCSS ( bool  bEmbed = true  )  [inline]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::set_EmbedImages ( bool  bEmbed = true  )  [inline]

References m_bEmbedImages.

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML::_createChapter().

void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::set_RenderMathMLToPng ( bool  bRender = true  )  [inline]
void IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::set_SplitDocument ( bool  bSplit = true  )  [inline]

References m_bSplitDocument.

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML::_createChapter().

bool IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::signal ( UT_uint32  iSignal  )  [virtual]

Implements PL_Listener.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by _openTable().

Referenced by populateStrux().

Referenced by _closeSpan(), and _openSpan().

Referenced by _openTable().

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