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GR_UnixCairoImage Class Reference

#include <gr_UnixCairoImage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GR_UnixCairoImage (const char *name, GdkPixbuf *pixbuf)
GdkPixbuf * getPixbuf (void)

Private Member Functions

 GR_UnixCairoImage ()
 GR_UnixCairoImage (const GR_UnixCairoImage &other)
GR_UnixCairoImageoperator= (const GR_UnixCairoImage &other)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GR_UnixCairoImage::GR_UnixCairoImage ( const char *  name,
GdkPixbuf *  pixbuf 

Does not keep a reference to

References convertToPng(), UT_ASSERT, and UT_SHOULD_NOT_HAPPEN.

GR_UnixCairoImage::GR_UnixCairoImage (  )  [private]
GR_UnixCairoImage::GR_UnixCairoImage ( const GR_UnixCairoImage other  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

GdkPixbuf * GR_UnixCairoImage::getPixbuf ( void   ) 

Returns a GdkPixbuf equivalent form of this image. The caller owns the ref to the image, and should call g_object_unref() on it when finished

References abicollab::service::error(), UT_ByteBuf::getLength(), UT_ByteBuf::getPointer(), UT_ASSERT, and UT_SHOULD_NOT_HAPPEN.

GR_UnixCairoImage& GR_UnixCairoImage::operator= ( const GR_UnixCairoImage other  )  [private]

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