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GR_EmbedView Class Reference

#include <gr_EmbedManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GR_EmbedView (AD_Document *pDoc, UT_uint32 api)
virtual ~GR_EmbedView (void)
bool getSnapShots (void)

Public Attributes

UT_uint32 m_iAPI
bool m_bHasSVGSnapshot
bool m_bHasPNGSnapshot
UT_ByteBufPtr m_SVGBuf
UT_ByteBufPtr m_PNGBuf
UT_UTF8String m_sDataID
UT_uint32 m_iZoom

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GR_EmbedView::GR_EmbedView ( AD_Document pDoc,
UT_uint32  api 

see the document abi/src/doc/EmbedablePlugins.abw for a more detailed Descrition of the this class. Almost all the methods in this class are overridden by a specific embedable plugin. However this code is pure XP AbiWord that can be happily used through the rest of the AbiWord program without needing any external libraries. The idea is to have a generic XP class with a well defined API with default implementations. Plugins are subclasses of this class which override the default implementations.

The basic idea is that the EmbedManager takes care of drawing each object of the Managers Type. Each object created by the manager gets it's own unique identifier which is used as index into a collection of valid classes which each draw their own object.

Little helper class to keep track of default views. api is the Attribute/Properties Index which gives the attributes/properties the Embedded object.

GR_EmbedView::~GR_EmbedView ( void   )  [virtual]

References DELETEP, and m_pPreview.

Member Function Documentation

bool GR_EmbedView::getSnapShots ( void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by getSnapShots().

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