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GR_Control Class Reference

#include <gr_Control.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual UT_Error isDrawable (bool &drawable)=0
virtual UT_Error draw (GR_Graphics *pGr, UT_uint32 x, UT_uint32 y)=0
virtual UT_Error isPersistable (bool &persistable)=0
virtual UT_Error persist (UT_ByteBuf *in)=0
virtual UT_Error _abi_callonce populate (const UT_Byte *pBytes, UT_uint32 dataLen)=0
virtual UT_Error _abi_callonce populate (const UT_Bytebuf *pByteBuf)
virtual UT_Error getSize (UT_uint32 &width, UT_uint32 &height)=0
virtual UT_Error resize (UT_uint32 width, UT_uint32 height)=0

Protected Member Functions

 GR_Control (AV_View *pControllingView, XAP_Frame *pOwningFrame)
virtual ~GR_Control ()
AV_ViewgetControllingView () const
XAP_FramegetOwningFrame () const

Private Member Functions

 GR_Control (const GR_Control &)
GR_Controloperator= (const GR_Control &)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

GR_Control - the base class for all embeddable control types This class is meant to export the bare-minimum interface needed by an embedded control inside of AbiWord. You have to ref & unref the control properly

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GR_Control::GR_Control ( AV_View pControllingView,
XAP_Frame pOwningFrame 
) [inline, protected]

Parent constructor of all control types

virtual GR_Control::~GR_Control (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Virtual base d'tor

GR_Control::GR_Control ( const GR_Control  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

virtual UT_Error GR_Control::draw ( GR_Graphics pGr,
UT_uint32  x,
UT_uint32  y 
) [pure virtual]

Draw this control onto some graphics context

AV_View* GR_Control::getControllingView (  )  const [inline, protected]

Return the controlling view of this control

XAP_Frame* GR_Control::getOwningFrame (  )  const [inline, protected]

Return the owning frame for this control

References m_pFrame.

virtual UT_Error GR_Control::getSize ( UT_uint32 width,
UT_uint32 height 
) [pure virtual]

Get this component's size/dimensions

virtual UT_Error GR_Control::isDrawable ( bool &  drawable  )  [pure virtual]

Is this component drawable?

virtual UT_Error GR_Control::isPersistable ( bool &  persistable  )  [pure virtual]

Is this component persistable? i.e. can it be loaded from a stream and can it be saved to one?

GR_Control& GR_Control::operator= ( const GR_Control  )  [private]
virtual UT_Error GR_Control::persist ( UT_ByteBuf in  )  [pure virtual]

Save this component's data to a specified byte buffer

virtual UT_Error _abi_callonce GR_Control::populate ( const UT_Bytebuf *  pByteBuf  )  [inline, virtual]

Insert data into this control

virtual UT_Error _abi_callonce GR_Control::populate ( const UT_Byte pBytes,
UT_uint32  dataLen 
) [pure virtual]

Insert data into this control

virtual UT_Error GR_Control::resize ( UT_uint32  width,
UT_uint32  height 
) [pure virtual]

Resize this component or return an error code if it can't

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