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FV_Selection Class Reference

#include <fv_Selection.h>

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class  FV_SelectionCellProps

Public Member Functions

 FV_Selection (FV_View *pView)
 ~FV_Selection ()
PD_DocumentgetDoc (void) const
FL_DocLayoutgetLayout (void) const
void setMode (FV_SelectionMode iSelMode)
FV_SelectionMode getSelectionMode (void) const
FV_SelectionMode getPrevSelectionMode (void) const
void setTOCSelected (fl_TOCLayout *pTOCL)
fl_TOCLayoutgetSelectedTOC (void)
PT_DocPosition getSelectionAnchor (void) const
void setSelectionAnchor (PT_DocPosition pos)
PT_DocPosition getSelectionLeftAnchor (void) const
void setSelectionLeftAnchor (PT_DocPosition pos)
PT_DocPosition getSelectionRightAnchor (void) const
void setSelectionRightAnchor (PT_DocPosition pos)
UT_sint32 getNumSelections (void) const
PD_DocumentRangegetNthSelection (UT_sint32 i) const
void addSelectedRange (PT_DocPosition posLow, PT_DocPosition posHigh, bool bAddData)
bool isPosSelected (PT_DocPosition pos) const
bool isSelected (void) const
void clearSelection (void)
void setTableLayout (fl_TableLayout *pFL)
fl_TableLayoutgetTableLayout (void) const
void addCellToSelection (fl_CellLayout *pCell)
void pasteRowOrCol (void)
void checkSelectAll (void)
void setSelectAll (bool bSelectAll)
bool isSelectAll (void) const

Private Attributes

FV_SelectionMode m_iSelectionMode
FV_SelectionMode m_iPrevSelectionMode
PT_DocPosition m_iSelectAnchor
PT_DocPosition m_iSelectLeftAnchor
PT_DocPosition m_iSelectRightAnchor
< PD_DocumentRange * > 
UT_GenericVector< UT_ByteBuf * > m_vecSelRTFBuffers
< FV_SelectionCellProps * > 
bool m_bSelectAll


class fv_View

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FV_Selection::FV_Selection ( FV_View pView  ) 
FV_Selection::~FV_Selection (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void FV_Selection::addCellToSelection ( fl_CellLayout pCell  ) 
void FV_Selection::addSelectedRange ( PT_DocPosition  posLow,
PT_DocPosition  posHigh,
bool  bAddData 

Add a range to the list of selected regions as defined by posLow, posHigh. If bAddData is true also make a copy of the selected text in RTF format.

void FV_Selection::checkSelectAll ( void   ) 
void FV_Selection::clearSelection ( void   ) 
PD_Document * FV_Selection::getDoc ( void   )  const
FL_DocLayout * FV_Selection::getLayout ( void   )  const

References FV_View::getLayout(), and m_pView.

PD_DocumentRange * FV_Selection::getNthSelection ( UT_sint32  i  )  const
UT_sint32 FV_Selection::getNumSelections ( void   )  const
FV_SelectionMode FV_Selection::getPrevSelectionMode ( void   )  const [inline]
fl_TOCLayout* FV_Selection::getSelectedTOC ( void   )  [inline]
PT_DocPosition FV_Selection::getSelectionAnchor ( void   )  const
PT_DocPosition FV_Selection::getSelectionLeftAnchor ( void   )  const
FV_SelectionMode FV_Selection::getSelectionMode ( void   )  const [inline]
PT_DocPosition FV_Selection::getSelectionRightAnchor ( void   )  const
fl_TableLayout * FV_Selection::getTableLayout ( void   )  const

References m_pTableOfSelectedColumn.

Referenced by FV_View::cmdPaste().

bool FV_Selection::isPosSelected ( PT_DocPosition  pos  )  const
bool FV_Selection::isSelectAll ( void   )  const [inline]
bool FV_Selection::isSelected ( void   )  const
void FV_Selection::pasteRowOrCol ( void   ) 
void FV_Selection::setMode ( FV_SelectionMode  iSelMode  ) 
void FV_Selection::setSelectAll ( bool  bSelectAll  ) 
void FV_Selection::setSelectionAnchor ( PT_DocPosition  pos  ) 
void FV_Selection::setSelectionLeftAnchor ( PT_DocPosition  pos  ) 
void FV_Selection::setSelectionRightAnchor ( PT_DocPosition  pos  ) 
void FV_Selection::setTableLayout ( fl_TableLayout pFL  ) 
void FV_Selection::setTOCSelected ( fl_TOCLayout pTOCL  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class fv_View [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by setSelectAll().

Referenced by pasteRowOrCol(), and setMode().

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