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EV_Win32Menu Class Reference

#include <ev_Win32Menu.h>

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EV_Menu EV_Win32MenuBar EV_Win32MenuPopup

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Public Member Functions

 EV_Win32Menu (XAP_Win32App *pWin32App, const EV_EditEventMapper *pEEM, const char *szMenuLayoutName, const char *szMenuLabelSetName)
 ~EV_Win32Menu ()
void destroy ()
bool synthesizeMenu (XAP_Frame *pFrame, HMENU menuRoot)
bool onCommand (AV_View *pView, HWND hWnd, WPARAM wParam)
bool onInitMenu (XAP_Frame *pFrame, AV_View *pView, HWND hWnd, HMENU hMenuBar)
bool onMenuSelect (XAP_Frame *pFrame, AV_View *pView, HWND hWnd, HMENU hMenu, WPARAM wParam)
HMENU getMenuHandle () const
XAP_Menu_Id MenuIdFromWmCommand (UINT cmd)
UINT WmCommandFromMenuId (XAP_Menu_Id id)
virtual bool _doAddMenuItem (UT_uint32)
void onDrawItem (HWND hwnd, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
void onMeasureItem (HWND hwnd, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
LPARAM onMenuChar (HWND hwnd, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
void setTrackMenu (bool bTrack)

Protected Member Functions

void _setBitmapforID (HMENU hMenu, XAP_Menu_Id id, UINT cmd)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool _isAMenuBar (XAP_Menu_Id id, HMENU hMenu)
static HBITMAP _loadBitmap (XAP_Menu_Id id, int width, int height, const UT_RGBColor &color)

Protected Attributes

const EV_EditEventMapperm_pEEM
HMENU m_myMenu
UINT m_nBitmapCX
UINT m_nBitmapCY
HFONT m_hFont
UT_Vector m_vecItems
bool m_bTrack
std::vector< HBITMAP > m_vechBitmaps

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EV_Win32Menu::EV_Win32Menu ( XAP_Win32App pWin32App,
const EV_EditEventMapper pEEM,
const char *  szMenuLayoutName,
const char *  szMenuLabelSetName 
EV_Win32Menu::~EV_Win32Menu (  ) 

References m_vechBitmaps.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool EV_Win32Menu::_doAddMenuItem ( UT_uint32   )  [inline, virtual]

Implements EV_Menu.


bool EV_Win32Menu::_isAMenuBar ( XAP_Menu_Id  id,
HMENU  hMenu 
) [static, protected]
HBITMAP EV_Win32Menu::_loadBitmap ( XAP_Menu_Id  id,
int  width,
int  height,
const UT_RGBColor color 
) [static, protected]
void EV_Win32Menu::_setBitmapforID ( HMENU  hMenu,
XAP_Menu_Id  id,
UINT  cmd 
) [protected]
void EV_Win32Menu::destroy ( void   ) 
HMENU EV_Win32Menu::getMenuHandle ( void   )  const [inline]
XAP_Menu_Id EV_Win32Menu::MenuIdFromWmCommand ( UINT  cmd  )  [inline]

Referenced by onCommand(), onInitMenu(), and onMenuSelect().

void EV_Win32Menu::onMeasureItem ( HWND  hwnd,
WPARAM  wParam,
LPARAM  lParam 
LPARAM EV_Win32Menu::onMenuChar ( HWND  hwnd,
WPARAM  wParam,
LPARAM  lParam 
bool EV_Win32Menu::onMenuSelect ( XAP_Frame pFrame,
AV_View pView,
HWND  hWnd,
HMENU  hMenu,
WPARAM  wParam 
void EV_Win32Menu::setTrackMenu ( bool  bTrack  )  [inline]
UINT EV_Win32Menu::WmCommandFromMenuId ( XAP_Menu_Id  id  )  [inline]

Referenced by onInitMenu(), and synthesizeMenu().

Member Data Documentation

bool EV_Win32Menu::m_bTrack [protected]

Referenced by EV_Win32Menu(), and synthesizeMenu().

UINT EV_Win32Menu::m_nBitmapCX [protected]

Referenced by EV_Win32Menu(), and onMeasureItem().

UINT EV_Win32Menu::m_nBitmapCY [protected]

Referenced by EV_Win32Menu(), and onMeasureItem().

Referenced by onInitMenu(), and synthesizeMenu().

std::vector<HBITMAP> EV_Win32Menu::m_vechBitmaps [protected]

Referenced by _setBitmapforID(), and ~EV_Win32Menu().

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