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EV_QtToolbar Class Reference

#include <ev_QtToolbar.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EV_QtToolbar (XAP_QtApp *pQtApp, XAP_Frame *pFrame, const char *szToolbarLayoutName, const char *szToolbarLabelSetName)
virtual ~EV_QtToolbar (void)
bool toolbarEvent (_wd *wd, const UT_UCSChar *pData, UT_uint32 dataLength)
virtual bool synthesize (void)
bool bindListenerToView (AV_View *pView)
virtual bool refreshToolbar (AV_View *pView, AV_ChangeMask mask)
virtual bool repopulateStyles (void)
UT_sint32 destroy (void)
void rebuildToolbar (UT_sint32 oldpos)
XAP_QtAppgetApp (void)
XAP_FramegetFrame (void)
void setCurrentEvent (QEvent *event)
virtual void show (void)
virtual void hide (void)

Public Attributes

gint m_pFontPreviewPositionX

Protected Member Functions

virtual Qt::ToolButtonStyle getStyle (void)
virtual bool getDetachable (void)
virtual void setDetachable (gboolean)
virtual QBoxLayout * _getContainer ()
void _releaseListener (void)

Protected Attributes

AV_ListenerId m_lid
QEvent * m_eEvent
QToolBar * m_wToolbar
QWidget * m_wHandleBox
std::vector< _wd * > m_vecToolbarWidgets

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EV_QtToolbar::EV_QtToolbar ( XAP_QtApp pQtApp,
XAP_Frame pFrame,
const char *  szToolbarLayoutName,
const char *  szToolbarLabelSetName 
EV_QtToolbar::~EV_QtToolbar ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

QBoxLayout * EV_QtToolbar::_getContainer (  )  [protected, virtual]
void EV_QtToolbar::_releaseListener ( void   )  [protected]
bool EV_QtToolbar::bindListenerToView ( AV_View pView  ) 
UT_sint32 EV_QtToolbar::destroy ( void   ) 

This method destroys the container widget here and returns the position in the overall vbox container.

XAP_QtApp * EV_QtToolbar::getApp ( void   ) 

References m_pQtApp.

Referenced by synthesize().

virtual bool EV_QtToolbar::getDetachable ( void   )  [inline, protected, virtual]
XAP_Frame * EV_QtToolbar::getFrame ( void   ) 

References m_pFrame.

Qt::ToolButtonStyle EV_QtToolbar::getStyle ( void   )  [protected, virtual]
void EV_QtToolbar::hide ( void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from EV_Toolbar.

void EV_QtToolbar::rebuildToolbar ( UT_sint32  oldpos  ) 

This method rebuilds the toolbar and places it in the position it previously occupied.

bool EV_QtToolbar::refreshToolbar ( AV_View pView,
AV_ChangeMask  mask 
) [virtual]
bool EV_QtToolbar::repopulateStyles ( void   )  [virtual]

This method examines the current document and repopulates the Styles Combo box with what is in the document. It returns false if no styles combo box was found. True if it all worked.

Reimplemented from EV_Toolbar.

void EV_QtToolbar::setCurrentEvent ( QEvent *  event  )  [inline]

References m_eEvent.

virtual void EV_QtToolbar::setDetachable ( gboolean   )  [inline, protected, virtual]
void EV_QtToolbar::show ( void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from EV_Toolbar.

bool EV_QtToolbar::toolbarEvent ( _wd wd,
const UT_UCSChar pData,
UT_uint32  dataLength 

Member Data Documentation

QEvent* EV_QtToolbar::m_eEvent [protected]

Referenced by setCurrentEvent().

Referenced by getFrame(), and synthesize().

std::vector<_wd*> EV_QtToolbar::m_vecToolbarWidgets [protected]
QWidget* EV_QtToolbar::m_wHandleBox [protected]
QToolBar* EV_QtToolbar::m_wToolbar [protected]

Referenced by synthesize().

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