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EV_Menu_ActionSet Class Reference

#include <ev_Menu_Actions.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EV_Menu_ActionSet (XAP_Menu_Id first, XAP_Menu_Id last)
 ~EV_Menu_ActionSet ()
bool setAction (XAP_Menu_Id id, bool bHoldsSubMenu, bool bRaisesDialog, bool bCheckable, bool bRadio, const char *szMethodName, EV_GetMenuItemState_pFn pfnGetState, EV_GetMenuItemComputedLabel_pFn pfnGetLabel, const UT_String &stScriptName="")
bool addAction (EV_Menu_Action *pAction)
const EV_Menu_ActiongetAction (XAP_Menu_Id id) const

Private Attributes

< EV_Menu_Action * > 
XAP_Menu_Id m_first

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EV_Menu_ActionSet::EV_Menu_ActionSet ( XAP_Menu_Id  first,
XAP_Menu_Id  last 

This class is only a vector of EV_Menu_Action, but instead of start with an index of 0, we start with an index of "first" (and we finish at "last"), but of course the underlying vector will still start at 0 and finish at (last - first).

In practice, "first" will be AP_MENU_ID__BOGUS1__, and "last" will be AP_MENU_ID__BOGUS2__.

References UT_GenericVector< T >::addItem(), and m_actionTable.

EV_Menu_ActionSet::~EV_Menu_ActionSet (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool EV_Menu_ActionSet::addAction ( EV_Menu_Action pAction  ) 
const EV_Menu_Action * EV_Menu_ActionSet::getAction ( XAP_Menu_Id  id  )  const
bool EV_Menu_ActionSet::setAction ( XAP_Menu_Id  id,
bool  bHoldsSubMenu,
bool  bRaisesDialog,
bool  bCheckable,
bool  bRadio,
const char *  szMethodName,
EV_GetMenuItemState_pFn  pfnGetState,
EV_GetMenuItemComputedLabel_pFn  pfnGetLabel,
const UT_String stScriptName = "" 

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by addAction(), getAction(), and setAction().

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