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Archive Class Reference

Base archive. More...

#include <Serialization.h>

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StrArchive IStrArchive OStrArchive

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Archive ()
bool isLoading () const
bool isSaving () const
virtual void Serialize (void *Buffer, unsigned int Count)=0
virtual unsigned int Size () const =0
virtual void Skip (unsigned int Count)=0
virtual bool EndOfFile () const =0
 DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR (unsigned char)
 DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR (unsigned short)
 DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR (unsigned int)
Archiveoperator<< (std::string &Val)
Archiveoperator<< (UT_UTF8String &Val)
template<typename _T >
Archiveoperator<< (_T &Val)
template<typename _K >
Archiveoperator<< (std::vector< _K > &Val)
template<typename _K , typename _V >
Archiveoperator<< (std::map< _K, _V > &Val)

Protected Member Functions

 Archive (bool bLoading)

Private Attributes

bool m_bLoading

Detailed Description

Base archive.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Archive::~Archive (  )  [inline, virtual]
Archive::Archive ( bool  bLoading  )  [inline, protected]

Member Function Documentation

Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( unsigned  char  ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( unsigned  short  ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( unsigned  int  ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( UT_uint64   ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( char   ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( short   ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( int   ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( float   ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR ( double   ) 
Archive::DEFINE_POD_OPERATOR_ONE ( bool   ) 
virtual bool Archive::EndOfFile (  )  const [pure virtual]

Implemented in IStrArchive, and OStrArchive.

bool Archive::isLoading (  )  const [inline]

References m_bLoading.

Referenced by operator<<(), and operator<<().

bool Archive::isSaving (  )  const [inline]

References m_bLoading.

Archive& Archive::operator<< ( UT_UTF8String Val  )  [inline]
template<typename _K >
Archive& Archive::operator<< ( std::vector< _K > &  Val  )  [inline]

References isLoading().

template<typename _K , typename _V >
Archive& Archive::operator<< ( std::map< _K, _V > &  Val  )  [inline]

References isLoading().

template<typename _T >
Archive& Archive::operator<< ( _T &  Val  )  [inline]
Archive& Archive::operator<< ( std::string &  Val  )  [inline]

References COMPACT_INT, isLoading(), s, and Serialize().

virtual void Archive::Serialize ( void *  Buffer,
unsigned int  Count 
) [pure virtual]

Implemented in IStrArchive, and OStrArchive.

Referenced by operator<<().

virtual unsigned int Archive::Size (  )  const [pure virtual]

Implemented in StrArchive.

virtual void Archive::Skip ( unsigned int  Count  )  [pure virtual]

Implemented in IStrArchive, and OStrArchive.

Member Data Documentation

bool Archive::m_bLoading [private]

Referenced by isLoading(), and isSaving().

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