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AiksaurusGTK_picbutton Class Reference

#include <AiksaurusGTK_picbutton.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AiksaurusGTK_picbutton (GtkWidget *window, const char **normal)
 AiksaurusGTK_picbutton (GtkWidget *window, const char *stock)
 ~AiksaurusGTK_picbutton ()
void setHoverPicture (const char **hover)
void addMenu (const AiksaurusGTK_strlist &options, GCallback onClick, gpointer onClickData)
void updateMenuOptions ()
void limitVisibleOptions (int numVisible)
void disable ()
void enable ()
GtkWidget * getButton ()
GtkWidget * getMenuButton ()

Private Member Functions

void handleRelief ()
void hover ()
void unhover ()
void popMenu ()
void popupFunction (int *x, int *y)
void selectionDone ()
void menuActivate (gpointer item)
void menuCreate ()
 AiksaurusGTK_picbutton (const AiksaurusGTK_picbutton &)
const AiksaurusGTK_picbuttonoperator= (const AiksaurusGTK_picbutton &)

Static Private Member Functions

static void cbHover (GtkWidget *w, gpointer data)
static void cbUnhover (GtkWidget *w, gpointer data)
static void cbPopMenu (GtkWidget *w, gpointer data)
static void cbPopupFunction (GtkMenu *menu, int *x, int *y, gboolean *notUsedBool, gpointer data)
static void cbSelectionDone (GtkMenuShell *menushell, gpointer data)
static void cbMenuActivate (GtkMenuItem *item, gpointer data)

Private Attributes

bool d_hashover
bool d_hasmenu
bool d_mouseover
bool d_menushowing
bool d_enabled
GtkWidget * d_window_ptr
GtkWidget * d_button_ptr
GtkWidget * d_pixmap_ptr
int d_numVisible
GtkWidget * d_menu_ptr
GtkWidget * d_menu_button_ptr
GdkPixbuf * d_menu_mask_ptr
GtkWidget * d_menu_pixmap_widget_ptr
GCallback d_onclick_function
gpointer d_onclick_data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::AiksaurusGTK_picbutton ( const AiksaurusGTK_picbutton  )  [private]
AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::AiksaurusGTK_picbutton ( GtkWidget *  window,
const char **  normal 
AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::AiksaurusGTK_picbutton ( GtkWidget *  window,
const char *  stock 
AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::~AiksaurusGTK_picbutton (  ) 

References d_menu_data_ptr, and d_menu_ptr.

Member Function Documentation

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::addMenu ( const AiksaurusGTK_strlist options,
GCallback  onClick,
gpointer  onClickData 
void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::cbHover ( GtkWidget *  w,
gpointer  data 
) [static, private]

References hover().

Referenced by AiksaurusGTK_picbutton().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::cbMenuActivate ( GtkMenuItem *  item,
gpointer  data 
) [static, private]

Referenced by updateMenuOptions().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::cbPopMenu ( GtkWidget *  w,
gpointer  data 
) [static, private]

References popMenu().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::cbPopupFunction ( GtkMenu *  menu,
int *  x,
int *  y,
gboolean *  notUsedBool,
gpointer  data 
) [static, private]

References popupFunction().

Referenced by popMenu().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::cbSelectionDone ( GtkMenuShell *  menushell,
gpointer  data 
) [static, private]

References selectionDone().

Referenced by menuCreate().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::cbUnhover ( GtkWidget *  w,
gpointer  data 
) [static, private]

References unhover().

Referenced by AiksaurusGTK_picbutton().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::disable (  ) 
void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::enable (  ) 
GtkWidget * AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::getButton (  ) 
GtkWidget * AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::getMenuButton (  ) 

References d_menu_button_ptr.

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::handleRelief (  )  [private]
void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::hover (  )  [private]

References d_mouseover, and handleRelief().

Referenced by cbHover().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::limitVisibleOptions ( int  numVisible  ) 

References d_numVisible.

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::menuActivate ( gpointer  item  )  [private]
void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::menuCreate (  )  [private]
const AiksaurusGTK_picbutton& AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::operator= ( const AiksaurusGTK_picbutton  )  [private]
void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::popMenu (  )  [private]

References cbPopupFunction(), d_menu_ptr, and d_menushowing.

Referenced by cbPopMenu().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::popupFunction ( int *  x,
int *  y 
) [private]

References d_button_ptr.

Referenced by cbPopupFunction().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::selectionDone (  )  [private]

References d_menushowing, and handleRelief().

Referenced by cbSelectionDone(), and menuActivate().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::setHoverPicture ( const char **  hover  ) 
void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::unhover (  )  [private]

References d_mouseover, and handleRelief().

Referenced by cbUnhover().

void AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::updateMenuOptions (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

GtkWidget* AiksaurusGTK_picbutton::d_menu_ptr [private]

Referenced by menuActivate().

Referenced by menuActivate().

Referenced by AiksaurusGTK_picbutton().

Referenced by AiksaurusGTK_picbutton().

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