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AiksaurusApp Class Reference

#include <AiksaurusApp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AiksaurusApp ()
virtual ~AiksaurusApp ()
void setTitle (char *title)
void setInitialMessage (char *msg)
const char * runThesaurus (char *word)
void initialize ()
HINSTANCE getInstance ()
void setInstance (HINSTANCE hI)
void setLookup (char *word)

Private Attributes

HINSTANCE m_hInstance
string lookup
string replace

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AiksaurusApp::AiksaurusApp (  ) 

References m_hInstance.

AiksaurusApp::~AiksaurusApp (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

HINSTANCE AiksaurusApp::getInstance (  )  [inline]

Referenced by AiksaurusDlg::runModal().

void AiksaurusApp::initialize (  ) 
const char * AiksaurusApp::runThesaurus ( char *  word  ) 
void AiksaurusApp::setInitialMessage ( char *  msg  ) 
void AiksaurusApp::setInstance ( HINSTANCE  hI  )  [inline]

Referenced by AiksaurusABI_invoke().

void AiksaurusApp::setLookup ( char *  word  ) 

References lookup.

void AiksaurusApp::setTitle ( char *  title  ) 

Member Data Documentation

string AiksaurusApp::lookup [private]

Referenced by setLookup().

HINSTANCE AiksaurusApp::m_hInstance [private]

Referenced by AiksaurusApp().

string AiksaurusApp::replace [private]

Referenced by runThesaurus().

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