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AP_Win32FrameImpl Class Reference

#include <ap_Win32FrameImpl.h>

Inheritance diagram for AP_Win32FrameImpl:
XAP_Win32FrameImpl XAP_FrameImpl

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Public Member Functions

 AP_Win32FrameImpl (AP_Frame *pFrame)
 ~AP_Win32FrameImpl (void)
virtual XAP_FrameImplcreateInstance (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
virtual UT_RGBColor getColorSelBackground () const
HWND getHwndDocument (void)
GR_Win32GraphicscreateDocWndGraphics (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _initialize (void)
virtual void _refillToolbarsInFrameData ()
virtual void _rebuildToolbar (UT_uint32 ibar)
virtual void _bindToolbars (AV_View *pView)
virtual void _toggleBar (UT_uint32 iBarNb, bool bBarOn)
void _showOrHideToolbars (void)
void _showOrHideStatusbar (void)
virtual void _hideMenuScroll (bool bHideMenuScroll)
virtual void _toggleTopRuler (AP_Win32Frame *pFrame, bool bRulerOn)
virtual void _toggleLeftRuler (AP_Win32Frame *pFrame, bool bRulerOn)
void _translateDocumentToScreen (UT_sint32 &x, UT_sint32 &y)
virtual void _setXScrollRange (AP_FrameData *pData, AV_View *pView)
virtual void _setYScrollRange (AP_FrameData *pData, AV_View *pView)
virtual void _scrollFuncX (UT_sint32 xoff, UT_sint32 xlimit)
virtual void _scrollFuncY (UT_sint32 yoff, UT_sint32 ylimit)
HWND _getHwndContainer (void)
HWND _getHwndTopRuler (void)
HWND _getHwndLeftRuler (void)
HWND _getHwndHScroll (void)
HWND _getHwndVScroll (void)
void _updateContainerWindow (void)
void _setVerticalScrollInfo (const SCROLLINFO *psi)
void _getVerticalScrollInfo (SCROLLINFO *psi)
HWND _createDocumentWindow (XAP_Frame *pFrame, HWND hwndParent, UT_uint32 iLeft, UT_uint32 iTop, UT_uint32 iWidth, UT_uint32 iHeight)
HWND _createStatusBarWindow (XAP_Frame *pFrame, HWND hwndParent, UT_uint32 iLeft, UT_uint32 iTop, UT_uint32 iWidth)
void _getDocumentArea (RECT &r)
virtual UT_sint32 _getDocumentAreaWidth (void)
virtual UT_sint32 _getDocumentAreaHeight (void)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool _RegisterClass (XAP_Win32App *app)

Private Member Functions

void _createTopRuler (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
void _createLeftRuler (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
void _getRulerSizes (AP_FrameData *pData, int &yTopRulerHeight, int &xLeftRulerWidth)
void _onSize (AP_FrameData *pData, int nWidth, int nHeight)
void _startTracking (UT_sint32 x, UT_sint32 y)
void _endTracking (UT_sint32 x, UT_sint32 y)
void _track (UT_sint32 x, UT_sint32 y)
bool _isTracking () const

Static Private Member Functions

static int _getMouseWheelLines ()
static LRESULT CALLBACK _ContainerWndProc (HWND hwnd, UINT iMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
 window callback functions
static LRESULT CALLBACK _DocumentWndProc (HWND hwnd, UINT iMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)

Private Attributes

HWND m_hwndContainer
HWND m_hwndTopRuler
HWND m_hwndLeftRuler
HWND m_hwndDocument
HWND m_hWndHScroll
HWND m_hWndVScroll
HWND m_hWndGripperHack
UT_uint32 m_vScale
bool m_bMouseWheelTrack
UT_sint32 m_startMouseWheelY
UT_sint32 m_startScrollPosition
bool m_bMouseActivateReceived

Static Private Attributes

static wchar_t s_ContainerWndClassName [MAXCNTWNDCLSNMSIZE]
static wchar_t s_DocumentWndClassName [MAXDOCWNDCLSNMSIZE]


class AP_Win32Frame

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_Win32FrameImpl::AP_Win32FrameImpl ( AP_Frame pFrame  ) 

Referenced by createInstance().

AP_Win32FrameImpl::~AP_Win32FrameImpl ( void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_bindToolbars ( AV_View pView  )  [protected, virtual]
HWND AP_Win32FrameImpl::_createStatusBarWindow ( XAP_Frame pFrame,
HWND  hwndParent,
UT_uint32  iLeft,
UT_uint32  iTop,
UT_uint32  iWidth 
) [protected, virtual]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_endTracking ( UT_sint32  x,
UT_sint32  y 
) [private]

References m_bMouseWheelTrack.

Referenced by _DocumentWndProc().

void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getDocumentArea ( RECT &  r  )  [protected]
UT_sint32 AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getDocumentAreaHeight ( void   )  [protected, virtual]

References _getDocumentArea().

UT_sint32 AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getDocumentAreaWidth ( void   )  [protected, virtual]

References _getDocumentArea().

HWND AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getHwndContainer ( void   )  [inline, protected]

Reimplemented from XAP_Win32FrameImpl.

Referenced by _toggleBar().

HWND AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getHwndHScroll ( void   )  [inline, protected]

Referenced by _scrollFuncX().

HWND AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getHwndLeftRuler ( void   )  [inline, protected]
HWND AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getHwndTopRuler ( void   )  [inline, protected]
HWND AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getHwndVScroll ( void   )  [inline, protected]
int AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getMouseWheelLines (  )  [static, private]


Referenced by _ContainerWndProc().

void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getRulerSizes ( AP_FrameData pData,
int &  yTopRulerHeight,
int &  xLeftRulerWidth 
) [private]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_getVerticalScrollInfo ( SCROLLINFO *  psi  )  [protected]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_hideMenuScroll ( bool  bHideMenuScroll  )  [protected, virtual]

Implements XAP_FrameImpl.


void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_initialize ( void   )  [protected, virtual]
bool AP_Win32FrameImpl::_isTracking (  )  const [inline, private]

Referenced by _DocumentWndProc().

void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_onSize ( AP_FrameData pData,
int  nWidth,
int  nHeight 
) [private]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_rebuildToolbar ( UT_uint32  ibar  )  [protected, virtual]

Implements XAP_FrameImpl.


void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_refillToolbarsInFrameData (  )  [protected, virtual]

Implements XAP_FrameImpl.


void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_setVerticalScrollInfo ( const SCROLLINFO *  psi  )  [protected]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_showOrHideStatusbar ( void   )  [protected]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_startTracking ( UT_sint32  x,
UT_sint32  y 
) [private]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_track ( UT_sint32  x,
UT_sint32  y 
) [private]
void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_translateDocumentToScreen ( UT_sint32 x,
UT_sint32 y 
) [protected, virtual]

Implements XAP_Win32FrameImpl.

References m_hwndDocument, and UT_return_if_fail.

void AP_Win32FrameImpl::_updateContainerWindow ( void   )  [inline, protected]
GR_Win32Graphics * AP_Win32FrameImpl::createDocWndGraphics ( void   ) 
XAP_FrameImpl * AP_Win32FrameImpl::createInstance ( XAP_Frame pFrame  )  [virtual]
UT_RGBColor AP_Win32FrameImpl::getColorSelBackground ( void   )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from XAP_Win32FrameImpl.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class AP_Win32Frame [friend]

Member Data Documentation

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