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AP_Win32Frame Class Reference

#include <ap_Win32Frame.h>

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AP_Frame XAP_Frame

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Public Member Functions

 AP_Win32Frame ()
 AP_Win32Frame (AP_Win32Frame *f)
virtual ~AP_Win32Frame (void)
virtual bool initialize (XAP_FrameMode frameMode=XAP_NormalFrame)
virtual XAP_FramecloneFrame (void)
virtual void setStatusMessage (const char *szMsg)
virtual void setXScrollRange (void)
virtual void setYScrollRange (void)
virtual void toggleRuler (bool bRulerOn)
virtual void toggleTopRuler (bool bRulerOn)
virtual void toggleLeftRuler (bool bRulerOn)
virtual HWND getTopLevelWindow (void) const
void toggleBar (UT_uint32 iBarNb, bool bBarOn)
void toggleStatusBar (bool bStatusBarOn)
AP_Win32FrameImplgetAPWin32FrameImpl (void) const
AP_FrameDatagetAPFrameData (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool RegisterClass (XAP_Win32App *app)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool _createViewGraphics (GR_Graphics *&pG, UT_uint32 iZoom)
virtual void _setViewFocus (AV_View *pView)
virtual bool _createScrollBarListeners (AV_View *pView, AV_ScrollObj *&pScrollObj, ap_ViewListener *&pViewListener, ap_Scrollbar_ViewListener *&pScrollbarViewListener, AV_ListenerId &lid, AV_ListenerId &lidScrollbarViewListener)
virtual void _bindToolbars (AV_View *pView)
virtual void _replaceView (GR_Graphics *pG, FL_DocLayout *pDocLayout, AV_View *pView, AV_ScrollObj *pScrollObj, ap_ViewListener *pViewListener, AD_Document *pOldDoc, ap_Scrollbar_ViewListener *pScrollbarViewListener, AV_ListenerId lid, AV_ListenerId lidScrollbarViewListener, UT_uint32 iZoom)
virtual UT_sint32 _getDocumentAreaWidth (void)
virtual UT_sint32 _getDocumentAreaHeight (void)

Static Private Member Functions

static void _scrollFuncX (void *pData, UT_sint32 xoff, UT_sint32 xlimit)
static void _scrollFuncY (void *pData, UT_sint32 yoff, UT_sint32 ylimit)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_Win32Frame::AP_Win32Frame (  ) 

References XAP_Frame::m_pData.

Referenced by cloneFrame().

AP_Win32Frame::AP_Win32Frame ( AP_Win32Frame f  ) 
AP_Win32Frame::~AP_Win32Frame ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void AP_Win32Frame::_bindToolbars ( AV_View pView  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Implements AP_Frame.

bool AP_Win32Frame::_createScrollBarListeners ( AV_View pView,
AV_ScrollObj *&  pScrollObj,
ap_ViewListener *&  pViewListener,
ap_Scrollbar_ViewListener *&  pScrollbarViewListener,
AV_ListenerId lid,
AV_ListenerId lidScrollbarViewListener 
) [protected, virtual]
bool AP_Win32Frame::_createViewGraphics ( GR_Graphics *&  pG,
UT_uint32  iZoom 
) [protected, virtual]
virtual UT_sint32 AP_Win32Frame::_getDocumentAreaHeight ( void   )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Implements AP_Frame.

virtual UT_sint32 AP_Win32Frame::_getDocumentAreaWidth ( void   )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Implements AP_Frame.

void AP_Win32Frame::_replaceView ( GR_Graphics pG,
FL_DocLayout pDocLayout,
AV_View pView,
AV_ScrollObj pScrollObj,
ap_ViewListener pViewListener,
AD_Document pOldDoc,
ap_Scrollbar_ViewListener pScrollbarViewListener,
AV_ListenerId  lid,
AV_ListenerId  lidScrollbarViewListener,
UT_uint32  iZoom 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from AP_Frame.

void AP_Win32Frame::_scrollFuncX ( void *  pData,
UT_sint32  xoff,
UT_sint32  xlimit 
) [static, private]
void AP_Win32Frame::_scrollFuncY ( void *  pData,
UT_sint32  yoff,
UT_sint32  ylimit 
) [static, private]
void AP_Win32Frame::_setViewFocus ( AV_View pView  )  [protected, virtual]

Implements AP_Frame.

XAP_Frame * AP_Win32Frame::cloneFrame ( void   )  [virtual]

Implements XAP_Frame.

References AP_Win32Frame(), and UT_ASSERT_HARMLESS.

virtual HWND AP_Win32Frame::getTopLevelWindow ( void   )  const [inline, virtual]

Referenced by AP_Win32App::WinMain().

static bool AP_Win32Frame::RegisterClass ( XAP_Win32App app  )  [inline, static]
void AP_Win32Frame::setStatusMessage ( const char *  szMsg  )  [virtual]
virtual void AP_Win32Frame::setXScrollRange ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Implements XAP_Frame.

virtual void AP_Win32Frame::setYScrollRange ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Implements XAP_Frame.

void AP_Win32Frame::toggleBar ( UT_uint32  iBarNb,
bool  bBarOn 
) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from XAP_Frame.

virtual void AP_Win32Frame::toggleLeftRuler ( bool  bRulerOn  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements XAP_Frame.

virtual void AP_Win32Frame::toggleRuler ( bool  bRulerOn  )  [inline, virtual]
void AP_Win32Frame::toggleStatusBar ( bool  bStatusBarOn  )  [virtual]
virtual void AP_Win32Frame::toggleTopRuler ( bool  bRulerOn  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements XAP_Frame.

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