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AP_UnixFrameImpl Class Reference

#include <ap_UnixFrameImpl.h>

Inheritance diagram for AP_UnixFrameImpl:
XAP_UnixFrameImpl XAP_FrameImpl

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Public Member Functions

 AP_UnixFrameImpl (AP_UnixFrame *pUnixFrame)
virtual XAP_FrameImplcreateInstance (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
virtual UT_RGBColor getColorSelBackground () const
virtual UT_RGBColor getColorSelForeground () const
GtkShadowType getShadowType ()
void setShadowType (GtkShadowType shadow)
GtkWidget * getDrawingArea () const
virtual GtkWidget * getViewWidget (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static gboolean ap_focus_in_event (GtkWidget *drawing_area, GdkEventCrossing *event, AP_UnixFrameImpl *me)
static gboolean ap_focus_out_event (GtkWidget *drawing_area, GdkEventCrossing *event, AP_UnixFrameImpl *me)

Protected Member Functions

void _showOrHideStatusbar (void)
void _showOrHideToolbars (void)
virtual void _hideMenuScroll (bool bHideMenuScroll)
virtual void _refillToolbarsInFrameData ()
void _bindToolbars (AV_View *pView)
virtual void _createWindow ()
virtual GtkWidget * _createDocumentWindow ()
virtual GtkWidget * _createStatusBarWindow ()
virtual void _setWindowIcon ()
void _setScrollRange (apufi_ScrollType scrollType, int iValue, gfloat fUpperLimit, gfloat fSize)

Protected Attributes

GtkWidget * m_dArea
GtkAdjustment * m_pVadj
GtkAdjustment * m_pHadj
GtkWidget * m_hScroll
GtkWidget * m_vScroll
GtkWidget * m_topRuler
GtkWidget * m_leftRuler
GtkWidget * m_grid
GtkWidget * m_innergrid
GtkWidget * m_wSunkenBox
gulong m_iHScrollSignal
gulong m_iVScrollSignal


class AP_UnixFrame

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ABI_W_NO_CONST_QUAL ABI_W_POP AP_UnixFrameImpl::AP_UnixFrameImpl ( AP_UnixFrame pUnixFrame  ) 

References UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by createInstance().

Member Function Documentation

GtkWidget * AP_UnixFrameImpl::_createStatusBarWindow (  )  [protected, virtual]
void AP_UnixFrameImpl::_hideMenuScroll ( bool  bHideMenuScroll  )  [protected, virtual]
void AP_UnixFrameImpl::_refillToolbarsInFrameData (  )  [protected, virtual]

Refills the framedata class with pointers to the current toolbars. We need to do this after a toolbar icon and been dragged and dropped.

Implements XAP_FrameImpl.

References XAP_FrameImpl::getFrame(), XAP_Frame::getFrameData(), UT_GenericVector< T >::getItemCount(), UT_GenericVector< T >::getNthItem(), XAP_FrameImpl::m_vecToolbarLayoutNames, and XAP_FrameImpl::m_vecToolbars.

void AP_UnixFrameImpl::_setScrollRange ( apufi_ScrollType  scrollType,
int  iValue,
gfloat  fUpperLimit,
gfloat  fSize 
) [protected]
void AP_UnixFrameImpl::_setWindowIcon (  )  [protected, virtual]
void AP_UnixFrameImpl::_showOrHideStatusbar ( void   )  [protected]
gboolean AP_UnixFrameImpl::ap_focus_in_event ( GtkWidget *  drawing_area,
GdkEventCrossing *  event,
AP_UnixFrameImpl me 
) [static]

Referenced by _createDocumentWindow().

gboolean AP_UnixFrameImpl::ap_focus_out_event ( GtkWidget *  drawing_area,
GdkEventCrossing *  event,
AP_UnixFrameImpl me 
) [static]

Referenced by _createDocumentWindow().

XAP_FrameImpl * AP_UnixFrameImpl::createInstance ( XAP_Frame pFrame  )  [virtual]

Implements XAP_FrameImpl.

References AP_UnixFrameImpl().

UT_RGBColor AP_UnixFrameImpl::getColorSelBackground ( void   )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from XAP_FrameImpl.

References COLOR_MIX, XAP_App::getApp(), m_dArea, and UT_return_val_if_fail.

UT_RGBColor AP_UnixFrameImpl::getColorSelForeground ( void   )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from XAP_FrameImpl.

References m_dArea, and UT_return_val_if_fail.

GtkWidget* AP_UnixFrameImpl::getDrawingArea (  )  const [inline]

References m_dArea.

Referenced by AP_UnixApp::newDefaultScreenGraphics().

GtkShadowType AP_UnixFrameImpl::getShadowType (  )  [inline]

References m_wSunkenBox.

Referenced by abi_widget_get_prop().

virtual GtkWidget* AP_UnixFrameImpl::getViewWidget ( void   )  const [inline, virtual]

Implements XAP_UnixFrameImpl.

References m_dArea.

void AP_UnixFrameImpl::setShadowType ( GtkShadowType  shadow  )  [inline]

References m_wSunkenBox.

Referenced by abi_widget_set_prop().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class AP_UnixFrame [friend]

Member Data Documentation

GtkWidget* AP_UnixFrameImpl::m_grid [protected]

Referenced by _createDocumentWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixFrameImpl::m_hScroll [protected]
GtkWidget* AP_UnixFrameImpl::m_wSunkenBox [protected]

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