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AP_UnixDialog_Goto Class Reference

#include <ap_UnixDialog_Goto.h>

Inheritance diagram for AP_UnixDialog_Goto:
AP_Dialog_Goto XAP_Dialog_Modeless XAP_Dialog_AppPersistent XAP_Dialog_Persistent XAP_Dialog

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Public Member Functions

 AP_UnixDialog_Goto (XAP_DialogFactory *pDlgFactory, XAP_Dialog_Id id)
virtual ~AP_UnixDialog_Goto (void)
virtual void runModeless (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
virtual void notifyActiveFrame (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
virtual void activate (void)
virtual void destroy (void)
void onPageChanged (void)
void onLineChanged (void)
void onBookmarkDblClicked (void)
void onXMLIDDblClicked (void)
void onAnnoDblClicked (void)
void onJumpClicked (void)
void onPrevClicked (void)
void onNextClicked (void)
void updateCache (AP_JumpTarget target)
void updateDocCount (void)
void updatePosition (void)
const GtkWidget * getWindow (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static XAP_Dialogstatic_constructor (XAP_DialogFactory *, XAP_Dialog_Id id)

Protected Member Functions

void _constructWindow (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
void _updateWindow (void)

Private Types


Private Member Functions

void _selectPrevBookmark (void)
 Try to select the bookmark before the current one.
void _selectNextBookmark (void)
 Try to select the bookmark after the current one.
std::string _getSelectedBookmarkLabel ()
std::string _getSelectedXMLIDLabel ()
std::string _getSelectedAnnotationLabel ()
void setupXMLIDList (GtkWidget *w)
void updateXMLIDList (GtkWidget *w)
void setupAnnotationList (GtkWidget *w)
void updateAnnotationList (GtkWidget *w)

Private Attributes

GtkWidget * m_wDialog
GtkWidget * m_nbNotebook
GtkWidget * m_lbPage
GtkWidget * m_lbLine
GtkWidget * m_lbBookmarks
GtkWidget * m_lbXMLids
GtkWidget * m_lbAnnotations
GtkWidget * m_sbPage
GtkWidget * m_sbLine
GtkWidget * m_lvBookmarks
GtkWidget * m_btJump
GtkWidget * m_btPrev
GtkWidget * m_btNext
GtkWidget * m_lvXMLIDs
GtkWidget * m_lvAnno
GtkWidget * m_btClose
guint m_iPageConnect
guint m_iLineConnect
AP_JumpTarget m_JumpTarget
FV_DocCount m_DocCount

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum [private]
anonymous enum [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_UnixDialog_Goto::AP_UnixDialog_Goto ( XAP_DialogFactory pDlgFactory,
XAP_Dialog_Id  id 


Referenced by static_constructor().

AP_UnixDialog_Goto::~AP_UnixDialog_Goto ( void   )  [virtual]


References UT_DEBUGMSG.

Member Function Documentation

std::string AP_UnixDialog_Goto::_getSelectedAnnotationLabel (  )  [private]
std::string AP_UnixDialog_Goto::_getSelectedBookmarkLabel (  )  [private]

Get the label of the currently selected bookmark in the list.

References COLUMN_NAME, getSelectedText(), m_lvBookmarks, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by onJumpClicked().

std::string AP_UnixDialog_Goto::_getSelectedXMLIDLabel (  )  [private]
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::_selectNextBookmark ( void   )  [private]

Try to select the bookmark after the current one.

If none is selected the first in the list is picked. Wraps around.

References m_lvBookmarks, selectNext(), and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by onNextClicked().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::_selectPrevBookmark ( void   )  [private]

Try to select the bookmark before the current one.

If none is selected the last in the list is picked. Wraps around.

References m_lvBookmarks, selectPrev(), and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by onPrevClicked().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::activate ( void   )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::destroy ( void   )  [virtual]
const GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::getWindow ( void   )  [inline]

References m_wDialog.

Referenced by AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onDeleteWindow().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::notifyActiveFrame ( XAP_Frame pFrame  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::onAnnoDblClicked ( void   ) 
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::onBookmarkDblClicked ( void   ) 

Event handler for treeview "bookmarks".

References m_JumpTarget, and onJumpClicked().

Referenced by AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onBookmarkDblClicked().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::onLineChanged ( void   ) 
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::onPageChanged ( void   ) 

Event handler for spinbutton "page".

References m_DocCount, m_JumpTarget, m_sbPage, onJumpClicked(), FV_DocCount::page, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onPageChanged().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::onXMLIDDblClicked ( void   ) 
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::runModeless ( XAP_Frame pFrame  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::setupXMLIDList ( GtkWidget *  w  )  [private]
XAP_Dialog * AP_UnixDialog_Goto::static_constructor ( XAP_DialogFactory pFactory,
XAP_Dialog_Id  id 
) [static]

Static ctor.

References AP_UnixDialog_Goto().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::updateAnnotationList ( GtkWidget *  w  )  [private]
void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::updateCache ( AP_JumpTarget  target  ) 

Set jump target and update cached data like number of lines and pages.

See also:

References m_JumpTarget, and updateDocCount().

Referenced by AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onFocusAnno(), AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onFocusBookmarks(), AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onFocusLine(), AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onFocusPage(), and AP_UnixDialog_Goto__onFocusXMLIDs().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::updateDocCount ( void   ) 

Update cached data like number of lines and pages.

References FV_View::countWords(), AP_Dialog_Goto::getView(), FV_DocCount::line, m_DocCount, FV_DocCount::page, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by _updateWindow(), and updateCache().

void AP_UnixDialog_Goto::updateXMLIDList ( GtkWidget *  w  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_btClose [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_btJump [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_btNext [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_btPrev [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_lbBookmarks [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_lbLine [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_lbPage [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_lbXMLids [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Goto::m_nbNotebook [private]

Referenced by _constructWindow().

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