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AP_UnixDialog_Columns Class Reference

#include <ap_UnixDialog_Columns.h>

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AP_Dialog_Columns XAP_Dialog_NonPersistent XAP_Dialog

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Public Member Functions

 AP_UnixDialog_Columns (XAP_DialogFactory *pDlgFactory, XAP_Dialog_Id id)
virtual ~AP_UnixDialog_Columns (void)
virtual void runModal (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
virtual void enableLineBetweenControl (bool bState=true)
void doSpaceAfterEntry (void)
void doMaxHeightEntry (void)
void doHeightSpin (void)
void doSpaceAfterSpin (void)
void checkLineBetween (void)
void readSpin (void)
void event_Toggle (UT_uint32 icolumns)
void event_previewExposed (void)
virtual void event_OK (void)
virtual void event_Cancel (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static XAP_Dialogstatic_constructor (XAP_DialogFactory *, XAP_Dialog_Id id)

Protected Types


Protected Member Functions

virtual GtkWidget * _constructWindow (void)
void _constructWindowContents (GtkWidget *windowColumns)
void _populateWindowData (void)
void _storeWindowData (void)
void _connectsignals (void)

Protected Attributes

GtkWidget * m_windowMain
GtkWidget * m_wlineBetween
GtkWidget * m_wtoggleOne
GtkWidget * m_wtoggleTwo
GtkWidget * m_wtoggleThree
GtkWidget * m_wpreviewArea
GtkWidget * m_wSpin
guint m_oneHandlerID
guint m_twoHandlerID
guint m_threeHandlerID
guint m_spinHandlerID
UT_sint32 m_iSpaceAfter
guint m_iSpaceAfterID
GtkWidget * m_wSpaceAfterSpin
GtkWidget * m_wSpaceAfterEntry
GtkAdjustment * m_oSpaceAfter_adj
UT_sint32 m_iMaxColumnHeight
guint m_iMaxColumnHeightID
GtkWidget * m_wMaxColumnHeightSpin
GtkWidget * m_wMaxColumnHeightEntry
GtkAdjustment * m_oSpinSize_adj
UT_sint32 m_iSizeHeight
GtkWidget * m_checkOrder

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_UnixDialog_Columns::~AP_UnixDialog_Columns ( void   )  [virtual]

References DELETEP, and m_pPreviewWidget.

Member Function Documentation

GtkWidget * AP_UnixDialog_Columns::_constructWindow ( void   )  [protected, virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Columns::_populateWindowData ( void   )  [protected]

Referenced by runModal().

void AP_UnixDialog_Columns::_storeWindowData ( void   )  [protected]

Referenced by runModal().

void AP_UnixDialog_Columns::checkLineBetween ( void   ) 
void AP_UnixDialog_Columns::enableLineBetweenControl ( bool  bState = true  )  [virtual]

Implements AP_Dialog_Columns.

void AP_UnixDialog_Columns::event_Cancel ( void   )  [virtual]

References AP_Dialog_Columns::m_answer.

Referenced by runModal().

void AP_UnixDialog_Columns::event_OK ( void   )  [virtual]

References AP_Dialog_Columns::m_answer.

Referenced by runModal().

void AP_UnixDialog_Columns::event_previewExposed ( void   ) 
XAP_Dialog * AP_UnixDialog_Columns::static_constructor ( XAP_DialogFactory pFactory,
XAP_Dialog_Id  id 
) [static]

Member Data Documentation

GtkAdjustment* AP_UnixDialog_Columns::m_oSpaceAfter_adj [protected]
GtkAdjustment* AP_UnixDialog_Columns::m_oSpinSize_adj [protected]

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