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AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading Class Reference

#include <ap_UnixDialog_Border_Shading.h>

Inheritance diagram for AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading:
AP_Dialog_Border_Shading XAP_Dialog_Modeless XAP_Dialog_AppPersistent XAP_Dialog_Persistent XAP_Dialog

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Public Member Functions

 AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading (XAP_DialogFactory *pDlgFactory, XAP_Dialog_Id id)
virtual ~AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading (void)
virtual void runModeless (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
virtual void event_Close (void)
void event_previewExposed (void)
void event_BorderThicknessChanged (void)
void event_BorderStyleChanged (void)
void event_ShadingOffsetChanged (void)
void event_shadingPatternChange (void)
virtual void setBorderThicknessInGUI (const std::string &sThick)
virtual void setBorderColorInGUI (const UT_RGBColor &clr)
virtual void setBorderStyleInGUI (const std::string &sStyle)
virtual void setShadingColorInGUI (const UT_RGBColor &clr)
virtual void setShadingPatternInGUI (const std::string &sPattern)
virtual void setShadingOffsetInGUI (const std::string &sOffset)
virtual void setSensitivity (bool bsens)
virtual void destroy (void)
virtual void activate (void)
virtual void notifyActiveFrame (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
const GtkWidget * getWindow (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static XAP_Dialogstatic_constructor (XAP_DialogFactory *, XAP_Dialog_Id id)

Protected Types


Protected Member Functions

virtual GtkWidget * _constructWindow (void)
void _populateWindowData (void)
void _connectSignals (void)
void _setShadingEnable (bool enable)

Protected Attributes

GtkWidget * m_windowMain
GtkWidget * m_wApplyButton
GtkWidget * m_wCloseButton
GtkWidget * m_wBorderColorButton
GtkWidget * m_wShadingColorLabel
GtkWidget * m_wShadingColorButton
GtkWidget * m_wLineLeft
GtkWidget * m_wLineRight
GtkWidget * m_wLineTop
GtkWidget * m_wLineBottom
GtkWidget * m_wPreviewArea
GtkWidget * m_wBorderThickness
GtkWidget * m_wBorderStyle
GtkWidget * m_wShadingOffsetLabel
GtkWidget * m_wShadingOffset
GtkWidget * m_wShadingEnable
guint m_iBorderThicknessConnect
guint m_iBorderStyleConnect
guint m_iShadingOffsetConnect
guint m_iShadingEnableConnect
guint m_iLineLeftConnect
guint m_iLineRightConnect
guint m_iLineTopConnect
guint m_iLineBotConnect

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::~AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading ( void   )  [virtual]

References DELETEP, and m_pPreviewWidget.

Member Function Documentation

void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::_populateWindowData ( void   )  [protected]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::_setShadingEnable ( bool  enable  )  [protected]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::destroy ( void   )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::event_BorderStyleChanged ( void   ) 
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::event_Close ( void   )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::event_ShadingOffsetChanged ( void   ) 
const GtkWidget* AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::getWindow ( void   )  const [inline]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::notifyActiveFrame ( XAP_Frame pFrame  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::setBorderColorInGUI ( const UT_RGBColor clr  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::setBorderStyleInGUI ( const std::string &  sStyle  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::setBorderThicknessInGUI ( const std::string &  sThick  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::setShadingColorInGUI ( const UT_RGBColor clr  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::setShadingOffsetInGUI ( const std::string &  sOffset  )  [virtual]
void AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::setShadingPatternInGUI ( const std::string &  sPattern  )  [virtual]
XAP_Dialog * AP_UnixDialog_Border_Shading::static_constructor ( XAP_DialogFactory pFactory,
XAP_Dialog_Id  id 
) [static]

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