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AP_QtApp Class Reference

#include <ap_QtApp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AP_QtApp (const char *szAppName)
virtual ~AP_QtApp ()
virtual bool initialize (bool has_display)
virtual bool shutdown (void)
virtual XAP_FramenewFrame (void)
virtual GR_GraphicsnewDefaultScreenGraphics () const
virtual const XAP_StringSetgetStringSet (void) const
virtual const char * getAbiSuiteAppDir (void) const
virtual void copyToClipboard (PD_DocumentRange *pDocRange, bool bUseClipboard=true)
virtual void pasteFromClipboard (PD_DocumentRange *pDocRange, bool bUseClipboard, bool bHonorFormatting=true)
virtual bool canPasteFromClipboard (void)
virtual void cacheCurrentSelection (AV_View *)
virtual bool doWindowlessArgs (const AP_Args *, bool &bSuccess)
void catchSignals (int sig_num) ABI_NORETURN

Static Public Member Functions

static int main (const char *szAppName, int argc, char **argv)

Private Member Functions

AP_DiskStringSetloadStringsFromDisk (const char *szStringSet, AP_BuiltinStringSet *pFallbackStringSet)

Private Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_QtApp::AP_QtApp ( const char *  szAppName  ) 

Referenced by main().

AP_QtApp::~AP_QtApp (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void AP_QtApp::cacheCurrentSelection ( AV_View  )  [virtual]
bool AP_QtApp::canPasteFromClipboard ( void   )  [virtual]
void AP_QtApp::catchSignals ( int  sig_num  ) 

This function actually handles signals. The most commonly recieved one is SIGSEGV, the segfault signal. We want to clean up, save the user's files to backup locations (currently <filename>.saved) and then call abort, so we still get a core dump that we can debug.

sig_num the integer representing which signal we recieved

References s_signal_count, AP_App::saveRecoveryFiles(), XAP_App::signalWrapper(), UT_DEBUGMSG, and UT_usleep.

void AP_QtApp::copyToClipboard ( PD_DocumentRange pDocRange,
bool  bUseClipboard = true 
) [virtual]
bool AP_QtApp::doWindowlessArgs ( const AP_Args ,
bool &  bSuccess 
) [virtual]

A callback for AP_Args's doWindowlessArgs call which handles platform-specific windowless args.

Reimplemented from AP_App.

const char * AP_QtApp::getAbiSuiteAppDir ( void   )  const [virtual]
const XAP_StringSet * AP_QtApp::getStringSet ( void   )  const [virtual]

References m_pStringSet.

AP_DiskStringSet * AP_QtApp::loadStringsFromDisk ( const char *  szStringSet,
AP_BuiltinStringSet pFallbackStringSet 
) [private]

Referenced by initialize().

int AP_QtApp::main ( const char *  szAppName,
int  argc,
char **  argv 
) [static]
GR_Graphics * AP_QtApp::newDefaultScreenGraphics (  )  const [virtual]
XAP_Frame * AP_QtApp::newFrame ( void   )  [virtual]
void AP_QtApp::pasteFromClipboard ( PD_DocumentRange pDocRange,
bool  bUseClipboard,
bool  bHonorFormatting = true 
) [virtual]
bool AP_QtApp::shutdown ( void   )  [virtual]

Referenced by libabiword_shutdown(), and main().

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