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AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block Class Reference

#include <ap_Preview_Paragraph.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block (UT_RGBColor &clr, GR_Graphics *gc, AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tAlignState m_align, UT_uint32 fontHeight)
virtual ~AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block ()
void setText (const UT_UCSChar *text)
void setFormat (const gchar *pageLeftMargin, const gchar *pageRightMargin, AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tAlignState align, const gchar *firstLineIndent, AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tIndentState indent, const gchar *leftIndent, const gchar *rightIndent, const gchar *beforeSpacing, const gchar *afterSpacing, const gchar *lineSpacing, AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tSpacingState spacing)

Public Attributes

UT_uint32 m_firstLineLeftStop
UT_uint32 m_leftStop
UT_uint32 m_rightStop
UT_uint32 m_beforeSpacing
UT_uint32 m_afterSpacing
UT_uint32 m_lineSpacing
AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tAlignState m_align
AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tIndentState m_indent
AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tSpacingState m_spacing
UT_uint32 m_fontHeight
UT_RGBColor m_clr
UT_GenericVector< UT_UCSChar * > m_words
UT_NumberVector m_widths

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block::AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block ( UT_RGBColor clr,
GR_Graphics gc,
AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tAlignState  m_align,
UT_uint32  fontHeight 
AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block::~AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block::setFormat ( const gchar *  pageLeftMargin,
const gchar *  pageRightMargin,
AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tAlignState  align,
const gchar *  firstLineIndent,
AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tIndentState  indent,
const gchar *  leftIndent,
const gchar *  rightIndent,
const gchar *  beforeSpacing,
const gchar *  afterSpacing,
const gchar *  lineSpacing,
AP_Dialog_Paragraph::tSpacingState  spacing 
void AP_Preview_Paragraph_Block::setText ( const UT_UCSChar text  ) 

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