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AP_Preview_Annotation Class Reference

#include <ap_Preview_Annotation.h>

Inheritance diagram for AP_Preview_Annotation:
XAP_Preview XAP_Dialog_Modeless XAP_CustomWidget XAP_Dialog_AppPersistent XAP_Dialog_Persistent XAP_Dialog AP_UnixPreview_Annotation AP_Win32Preview_Annotation

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Public Member Functions

 AP_Preview_Annotation (XAP_DialogFactory *pDlgFactory, XAP_Dialog_Id id)
virtual ~AP_Preview_Annotation (void)
void setTitle (const gchar *pTitle)
void setTitle (const std::string &sTitle)
const std::string & getTitle () const
void setAuthor (const gchar *pAuthor)
void setAuthor (const std::string &sAuthor)
const std::string & getAuthor () const
void setDescription (const gchar *pDescription)
void setDescription (const std::string &sDescription)
const std::string & getDescription () const
void setAnnotationID (UT_uint32 aID)
UT_uint32 getAnnotationID () const
virtual void draw (const UT_Rect *clip=NULL)
void clearScreen (void)
void setXY (UT_sint32 x, UT_sint32 y)
void setOffset (UT_sint32 ioff)
void setActiveFrame (XAP_Frame *pFrame)
void setSizeFromAnnotation (void)

Protected Member Functions

void _createAnnotationPreviewFromGC (GR_Graphics *gc, UT_uint32 width, UT_uint32 height)
void ConstructWindowName (void)

Protected Attributes

UT_sint32 m_width
UT_sint32 m_height
UT_sint32 m_left
UT_sint32 m_top
UT_sint32 m_Offset
UT_RGBColor m_clrBackground

Private Attributes

UT_uint32 m_iAID
std::string m_sTitle
std::string m_sAuthor
std::string m_sDescription
UT_UCS4String m_drawString
UT_sint32 m_iAscent
UT_sint32 m_iDescent
UT_sint32 m_iHeight

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_Preview_Annotation::AP_Preview_Annotation ( XAP_DialogFactory pDlgFactory,
XAP_Dialog_Id  id 

References XAP_Preview::m_gc.

AP_Preview_Annotation::~AP_Preview_Annotation ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void AP_Preview_Annotation::_createAnnotationPreviewFromGC ( GR_Graphics gc,
UT_uint32  width,
UT_uint32  height 
) [protected]
void AP_Preview_Annotation::clearScreen ( void   ) 
void AP_Preview_Annotation::ConstructWindowName ( void   )  [protected]
UT_uint32 AP_Preview_Annotation::getAnnotationID (  )  const [inline]
const std::string& AP_Preview_Annotation::getAuthor ( void   )  const [inline]
const std::string& AP_Preview_Annotation::getDescription (  )  const [inline]
const std::string& AP_Preview_Annotation::getTitle ( void   )  const [inline]
void AP_Preview_Annotation::setActiveFrame ( XAP_Frame pFrame  )  [virtual]
void AP_Preview_Annotation::setAnnotationID ( UT_uint32  aID  ) 

References m_iAID.

void AP_Preview_Annotation::setAuthor ( const gchar *  pAuthor  ) 

References m_sAuthor, and UT_return_if_fail.

Referenced by Defun().

void AP_Preview_Annotation::setAuthor ( const std::string &  sAuthor  )  [inline]
void AP_Preview_Annotation::setDescription ( const std::string &  sDescription  )  [inline]
void AP_Preview_Annotation::setDescription ( const gchar *  pDescription  ) 

References m_sDescription, and UT_return_if_fail.

Referenced by Defun().

void AP_Preview_Annotation::setOffset ( UT_sint32  offset  ) 

In Gtk Apps it is really hard to translate the position of the popup window to the actual position of the run. In insead use the location of the mouse when it crosses the run. If induces a vertical uncertainty in here the popup appears. Setting this offset corrects for this.

References m_Offset.

Referenced by Defun().

void AP_Preview_Annotation::setTitle ( const std::string &  sTitle  )  [inline]
void AP_Preview_Annotation::setTitle ( const gchar *  pTitle  ) 

References m_sTitle, and UT_return_if_fail.

Referenced by Defun().

void AP_Preview_Annotation::setXY ( UT_sint32  x,
UT_sint32  y 

Set the left and top positions of the popup. These are the mouse coordinates in device units.c - This is ignored by the unix FE

References m_left, m_top, m_width, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by Defun().

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by draw().

std::string AP_Preview_Annotation::m_sAuthor [private]

Referenced by setAuthor().

std::string AP_Preview_Annotation::m_sTitle [private]

Referenced by setTitle().

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