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AP_CocoaPlugin_FramelessDocument Class Reference

#import <ap_CocoaPlugin.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id- initWithPDDocument:
(void) - dealloc
(BOOL) - exportDocumentToFile:exportOptions:

Static Public Member Functions

(NSString *) + optionsPropertyString:
(AP_CocoaPlugin_FramelessDocument *) + documentFromFile:importOptions:

Protected Attributes


Member Function Documentation

- (void) dealloc  

References m_pDocument, and UNREFP.

+ (AP_CocoaPlugin_FramelessDocument *) documentFromFile: (NSString *)  path
importOptions: (NSDictionary *)  options 
- (BOOL) exportDocumentToFile: (NSString *)  path
exportOptions: (NSDictionary *)  options 
- (id) initWithPDDocument: (PD_Document *)  document  

References m_pDocument, and REFP.

+ (NSString *) optionsPropertyString: (NSDictionary *)  options  

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