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AP_CocoaPlugin_ContextMenuItem Class Reference

#import <ap_CocoaPlugin.h>

Inheritance diagram for AP_CocoaPlugin_ContextMenuItem:
AP_CocoaPlugin_EditMethod <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>

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Public Member Functions

(id- initWithLabel:
(void) - dealloc
(void) - setLabel:
(NSString *) - label
(void) - setTag:
(int) - tag
(void) - setState:
(int) - state
(void) - setEnabled:
(BOOL) - isEnabled

Static Public Member Functions

(AP_CocoaPlugin_ContextMenuItem *) + itemWithLabel:

Protected Attributes

NSString * m_Label
XAP_Menu_Id m_MenuID
int m_Tag
int m_State
BOOL m_Enabled

Member Function Documentation

- (BOOL) isEnabled  

Reimplemented from <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>.

References m_Enabled.

+ (AP_CocoaPlugin_ContextMenuItem *) itemWithLabel: (NSString *)  label  
- (NSString *) label  

Reimplemented from <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>.

References m_Label.

Referenced by initWithLabel:, itemWithLabel:, and setLabel:.

- (void) setEnabled: (BOOL)  enabled  

Reimplemented from <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>.

References m_Enabled.

- (void) setLabel: (NSString *)  label  

Reimplemented from <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>.

References label, and m_Label.

- (void) setState: (int)  state  

Reimplemented from <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>.

References m_State, and state.

- (void) setTag: (int)  anInt  

References m_Tag.

- (int) state  

Reimplemented from <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>.

References m_State.

Referenced by setState:.

- (int) tag  

Reimplemented from <XAP_CocoaPlugin_MenuItem>.

References m_Tag.

Member Data Documentation

- (BOOL) m_Enabled [protected]

Referenced by initWithLabel:, isEnabled, and setEnabled:.

- (NSString*) m_Label [protected]

Referenced by dealloc, initWithLabel:, label, and setLabel:.

- (XAP_Menu_Id) m_MenuID [protected]

Referenced by initWithLabel:.

- (EV_Menu_Action*) m_pAction [protected]

Referenced by dealloc, and initWithLabel:.

- (int) m_State [protected]

Referenced by initWithLabel:, setState:, and state.

- (int) m_Tag [protected]

Referenced by initWithLabel:, setTag:, and tag.

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