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AP_CocoaFrameImpl Class Reference

#import <ap_CocoaFrameImpl.h>

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XAP_CocoaFrameImpl XAP_FrameImpl

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Public Member Functions

() - AP_CocoaFrameImpl
(virtual XAP_FrameImpl *) - createInstance
(virtual NSString *) - _getNibName
(UT_sint32- _getHScrollValue
(UT_sint32- _getHScrollMin
(UT_sint32- _getHScrollMax
(UT_sint32- _getHVisible
(void) - _setHScrollValue
(void) - _setHScrollMin
(void) - _setHScrollMax
(void) - _setHVisible
(UT_sint32- _getVScrollValue
(UT_sint32- _getVScrollMin
(UT_sint32- _getVScrollMax
(UT_sint32- _getVVisible
(void) - _setVScrollValue
(void) - _setVScrollMin
(void) - _setVScrollMax
(void) - _setVVisible
(void) - _scrollAction
(void) - _showTopRulerNSView
(void) - _hideTopRulerNSView
(void) - _showLeftRulerNSView
(void) - _hideLeftRulerNSView
(XAP_CocoaTextView *) - _getDocAreaGRView

Protected Member Functions

(void) - _showOrHideStatusbar
(void) - _showOrHideToolbars
(virtual void) - _refillToolbarsInFrameData
(void) - _bindToolbars
(virtual void) - _createDocumentWindow
(virtual void) - _createStatusBarWindow
(virtual void) - _setWindowIcon
XAP_CocoaFrameController *) 
- _createController
(virtual void) - _createDocView
(virtual void) - _hideMenuScroll
(void) - giveFocus

Private Member Functions

(void) - _setHScrollbarValues
(void) - _setVScrollbarValues

Static Private Member Functions

(static bool) + _graphicsUpdateCB

Private Attributes

UT_sint32 m_HMinScroll
UT_sint32 m_HMaxScroll
UT_sint32 m_HCurrentScroll
UT_sint32 m_HVisible
UT_sint32 m_VMinScroll
UT_sint32 m_VMaxScroll
UT_sint32 m_VCurrentScroll
UT_sint32 m_VVisible


class AP_CocoaFrame

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

- AP_CocoaFrameImpl: (AP_CocoaFrame *)  pCocoaFrame  

Referenced by createInstance.

Member Function Documentation

- (XAP_CocoaFrameController *) _createController  

Create and intialize the controller.

Implements XAP_CocoaFrameImpl.

References AP_CocoaFrameController::createFrom:, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

- (XAP_CocoaTextView*) _getDocAreaGRView (void)   

References m_docAreaGRView.

- (UT_sint32) _getHScrollMax  

References m_HVisible.

Referenced by AP_CocoaFrame::_scrollFuncX().

- (UT_sint32) _getHScrollMin  

References m_HMaxScroll.

Referenced by AP_CocoaFrame::_scrollFuncX().

- (UT_sint32) _getHScrollValue  

References m_HMinScroll.

- (UT_sint32) _getHVisible  
- (NSString *) _getNibName  

Implements XAP_CocoaFrameImpl.

- (UT_sint32) _getVScrollMax  

References m_VVisible.

Referenced by AP_CocoaFrame::_scrollFuncY().

- (UT_sint32) _getVScrollMin  

References m_VMaxScroll.

Referenced by AP_CocoaFrame::_scrollFuncY().

- (UT_sint32) _getVScrollValue  

References m_VMinScroll.

- (UT_sint32) _getVVisible  
+ (bool) _graphicsUpdateCB (NSRect *)  aRect
(GR_CocoaCairoGraphics *)  pG
(void *)  param 
- (void) _hideLeftRulerNSView (void)   

Referenced by _createDocumentWindow.

- (virtual void) _hideMenuScroll (bool)   

Reimplemented from XAP_CocoaFrameImpl.

- (void) _hideTopRulerNSView (void)   

Referenced by _createDocumentWindow.

- (virtual void) _refillToolbarsInFrameData  

Implements XAP_FrameImpl.

- (void) _setHScrollMax (UT_sint32 value  
- (void) _setHScrollMin (UT_sint32 value  
- (void) _setHVisible (UT_sint32 value  
- (void) _setVScrollMax (UT_sint32 value  
- (void) _setVScrollMin (UT_sint32 value  
- (void) _setVVisible (UT_sint32 value  
- (void) _setWindowIcon  

Implements XAP_CocoaFrameImpl.

- (void) _showLeftRulerNSView (void)   
- (void) _showOrHideStatusbar (void)   
- (void) _showTopRulerNSView (void)   
- (XAP_FrameImpl *) createInstance (XAP_Frame *)  pFrame  

Implements XAP_FrameImpl.

References AP_CocoaFrameImpl.

- (void) giveFocus  

Friends And Related Function Documentation

- (friend class) AP_CocoaFrame [friend]

Member Data Documentation

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