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AP_CocoaFrame Class Reference

#include <ap_CocoaFrame.h>

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AP_Frame XAP_Frame

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Public Member Functions

 AP_CocoaFrame ()
 AP_CocoaFrame (AP_CocoaFrame *f)
virtual ~AP_CocoaFrame (void)
virtual bool initialize (XAP_FrameMode frameMode=XAP_NormalFrame)
virtual XAP_FramecloneFrame (void)
virtual void setXScrollRange (void)
virtual void setYScrollRange (void)
virtual void translateDocumentToScreen (UT_sint32 &x, UT_sint32 &y)
virtual void setStatusMessage (const char *szMsg)
virtual void toggleRuler (bool bRulerOn)
virtual void toggleTopRuler (bool bRulerOn)
virtual void toggleLeftRuler (bool bRulerOn)
virtual void toggleBar (UT_uint32 iBarNb, bool bBarOn)
virtual void toggleStatusBar (bool bStatusBarOn)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool _createViewGraphics (GR_Graphics *&pG, UT_uint32 iZoom)
virtual bool _createScrollBarListeners (AV_View *pView, AV_ScrollObj *&pScrollObj, ap_ViewListener *&pViewListener, ap_Scrollbar_ViewListener *&pScrollbarViewListener, AV_ListenerId &lid, AV_ListenerId &lidScrollbarViewListener)
virtual void _bindToolbars (AV_View *pView)
virtual void _setViewFocus (AV_View *pView)
virtual UT_sint32 _getDocumentAreaWidth ()
virtual UT_sint32 _getDocumentAreaHeight ()
void _getHScrollValues (UT_sint32 &min, UT_sint32 &max, UT_sint32 &current)
void _getVScrollValues (UT_sint32 &min, UT_sint32 &max, UT_sint32 &current)
void _setHScrollValues (UT_sint32 min, UT_sint32 max, UT_sint32 current)
void _setVScrollValues (UT_sint32 min, UT_sint32 max, UT_sint32 current)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void _scrollFuncX (void *pData, UT_sint32 xoff, UT_sint32 xlimit)
static void _scrollFuncY (void *pData, UT_sint32 yoff, UT_sint32 ylimit)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AP_CocoaFrame::AP_CocoaFrame (  ) 

References XAP_Frame::m_pData.

Referenced by cloneFrame().

AP_CocoaFrame::AP_CocoaFrame ( AP_CocoaFrame f  ) 

References XAP_Frame::m_pData.

AP_CocoaFrame::~AP_CocoaFrame ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void AP_CocoaFrame::_bindToolbars ( AV_View pView  )  [protected, virtual]

Implements AP_Frame.

References XAP_Frame::getFrameImpl().

bool AP_CocoaFrame::_createScrollBarListeners ( AV_View pView,
AV_ScrollObj *&  pScrollObj,
ap_ViewListener *&  pViewListener,
ap_Scrollbar_ViewListener *&  pScrollbarViewListener,
AV_ListenerId lid,
AV_ListenerId lidScrollbarViewListener 
) [protected, virtual]
bool AP_CocoaFrame::_createViewGraphics ( GR_Graphics *&  pG,
UT_uint32  iZoom 
) [protected, virtual]
UT_sint32 AP_CocoaFrame::_getDocumentAreaHeight ( void   )  [protected, virtual]

Implements AP_Frame.

References XAP_Frame::getFrameImpl(), and size.

UT_sint32 AP_CocoaFrame::_getDocumentAreaWidth ( void   )  [protected, virtual]

Implements AP_Frame.

References XAP_Frame::getFrameImpl(), and size.

void AP_CocoaFrame::_getHScrollValues ( UT_sint32 min,
UT_sint32 max,
UT_sint32 current 
) [protected]
void AP_CocoaFrame::_getVScrollValues ( UT_sint32 min,
UT_sint32 max,
UT_sint32 current 
) [protected]
void AP_CocoaFrame::_setHScrollValues ( UT_sint32  min,
UT_sint32  max,
UT_sint32  current 
) [protected]
void AP_CocoaFrame::_setViewFocus ( AV_View pView  )  [protected, virtual]
void AP_CocoaFrame::_setVScrollValues ( UT_sint32  min,
UT_sint32  max,
UT_sint32  current 
) [protected]
XAP_Frame * AP_CocoaFrame::cloneFrame ( void   )  [virtual]
void AP_CocoaFrame::setStatusMessage ( const char *  szMsg  )  [virtual]

Implements XAP_Frame.

References XAP_Frame::m_pData.

void AP_CocoaFrame::toggleBar ( UT_uint32  iBarNb,
bool  bBarOn 
) [virtual]
void AP_CocoaFrame::toggleRuler ( bool  bRulerOn  )  [virtual]
void AP_CocoaFrame::toggleStatusBar ( bool  bStatusBarOn  )  [virtual]
void AP_CocoaFrame::translateDocumentToScreen ( UT_sint32 x,
UT_sint32 y 
) [virtual]


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