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AP_CocoaDialog_Lists Class Reference

#import <ap_CocoaDialog_Lists.h>

Inheritance diagram for AP_CocoaDialog_Lists:
AP_Dialog_Lists AP_Dialog_Modeless XAP_Dialog_Modeless XAP_Dialog_AppPersistent XAP_Dialog_Persistent XAP_Dialog

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Public Member Functions

() - AP_CocoaDialog_Lists
(virtual) - ~AP_CocoaDialog_Lists
(virtual void) - runModeless
(virtual void) - destroy
(virtual void) - activate
(virtual void) - notifyActiveFrame
(virtual void) - runModal
(virtual void) - setFoldLevelInGUI
(virtual bool) - isPageLists
(void) - customChanged
(void) - applyClicked
(void) - typeChanged
(void) - previewExposed
(void) - setListTypeFromWidget
(void) - setXPFromLocal
(void) - loadXPDataIntoLocal
(void) - updateFromDocument
(void) - setAllSensitivity
(void) - updateDialog
(bool) - dontUpdate
(void) - _fillNumberedStyleMenu
(void) - _fillBulletedStyleMenu
(void) - _fillNoneStyleMenu
(void) - _fillFontMenu
(void) - _foldingChanged

Static Public Member Functions

(static XAP_Dialog *) + static_constructor
(static void) + autoupdateLists

Protected Member Functions

(void) - _setRadioButtonLabels
(void) - _gatherData

Private Attributes

GR_CocoaCairoGraphics * m_pPreviewWidget
bool m_bDontUpdate
bool m_bDestroy_says_stopupdating
bool m_bAutoUpdate_happening_now

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

- AP_CocoaDialog_Lists: (XAP_DialogFactory *)  pDlgFactory
(XAP_Dialog_Id id 
- AP_CocoaDialog_Lists: (void)   

References DELETEP, and m_pPreviewWidget.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) _fillFontMenu (NSPopUpButton *)  menu  
- (void) _fillNoneStyleMenu (NSMenu *)  listmenu  
- (void) _foldingChanged (int)  i  
- (void) _setRadioButtonLabels (void)   
- (bool) isPageLists (void)   

Implements AP_Dialog_Lists.

References AP_Dialog_Lists::isModal(), and m_dlg.

- (void) setAllSensitivity (void)   
- (void) setFoldLevelInGUI (void)   
- (void) setListTypeFromWidget (void)   

This method just sets the value of m_newListType. This is needed to make fillUncustomizedValues work.

References m_dlg.

Referenced by setXPFromLocal, and AP_CocoaDialog_ListsController::styleChangedAction:.

- (void) setXPFromLocal (void)   

This method reads out all the elements of the GUI and sets the XP member variables from them

References _gatherData, GUI_LIST_BULLETED, GUI_LIST_NONE, GUI_LIST_NUMBERED, m_dlg, setListTypeFromWidget, and UT_ASSERT_NOT_REACHED.

Referenced by applyClicked, updateDialog, and AP_CocoaDialog_ListsController::valueChangedAction:.

+ (XAP_Dialog *) static_constructor (XAP_DialogFactory *)  pFactory
(XAP_Dialog_Id id 

References AP_CocoaDialog_Lists.

Referenced by runModeless.

- (void) updateFromDocument (void)   

Member Data Documentation

- (bool) m_bAutoUpdate_happening_now [private]

Referenced by autoupdateLists.

- (bool) m_bDestroy_says_stopupdating [private]

Referenced by autoupdateLists, destroy, and runModeless.

- (GR_CocoaCairoGraphics*) m_pPreviewWidget [private]

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