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AP_CocoaDialog_Background_Controller Class Reference

#import <ap_CocoaDialog_Background.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - dealloc
(IBAction) - aColor:
(IBAction) - aClear:
(IBAction) - aCancel:
(IBAction) - aOK:

Protected Attributes

IBOutlet NSButton * oClear
IBOutlet NSButton * oCancel
IBOutlet NSButton * oOK
IBOutlet NSColorWell * oColorWell

Member Function Documentation

- (IBAction) aCancel: (id sender  
- (IBAction) aClear: (id sender  
- (IBAction) aColor: (id sender  
- (IBAction) aOK: (id sender  
- (void) dealloc  

Member Data Documentation

- (AP_CocoaDialog_Background*) _xap [protected]

Referenced by aCancel:, aClear:, aColor:, and aOK:.

- (IBOutlet NSButton*) oCancel [protected]
- (IBOutlet NSButton*) oClear [protected]
- (IBOutlet NSColorWell*) oColorWell [protected]

Referenced by aClear:, and aColor:.

- (IBOutlet NSButton*) oOK [protected]

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