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abiwidget.h File Reference

#include "ut_compiler.h"
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gsf/gsf-input.h>
#include <gsf/gsf-output.h>
#include <glib-object.h>

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struct  _AbiWidget
struct  _AbiWidgetClass


#define g_marshal_value_peek_boolean(v)   (v)->data[0].v_int
#define g_marshal_value_peek_char(v)   (v)->data[0].v_int
#define g_marshal_value_peek_uchar(v)   (v)->data[0].v_uint
#define g_marshal_value_peek_int(v)   (v)->data[0].v_int
#define g_marshal_value_peek_uint(v)   (v)->data[0].v_uint
#define g_marshal_value_peek_long(v)   (v)->data[0].v_long
#define g_marshal_value_peek_ulong(v)   (v)->data[0].v_ulong
#define g_marshal_value_peek_int64(v)   (v)->data[0].v_int64
#define g_marshal_value_peek_uint64(v)   (v)->data[0].v_uint64
#define g_marshal_value_peek_enum(v)   (v)->data[0].v_long
#define g_marshal_value_peek_flags(v)   (v)->data[0].v_ulong
#define g_marshal_value_peek_float(v)   (v)->data[0].v_float
#define g_marshal_value_peek_double(v)   (v)->data[0].v_double
#define g_marshal_value_peek_string(v)   (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_param(v)   (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_boxed(v)   (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_pointer(v)   (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_object(v)   (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define ABI_TYPE_WIDGET   (abi_widget_get_type ())


typedef struct _AbiWidget AbiWidget
typedef struct _AbiWidgetClass AbiWidgetClass
typedef struct _AbiPrivData AbiPrivData
typedef gboolean(* Abi_EditMethod )(AbiWidget *, const char *, gint32, gint32)
typedef gboolean(* Abi_Void__Bool_EditMethod )(AbiWidget *)
typedef gboolean(* Abi_Int_Int__Bool_EditMethod )(AbiWidget *, gint32, gint32)
typedef gboolean(* Abi_CharPtr__Bool_EditMethod )(AbiWidget *, const char *)
typedef gboolean(* AbiSignal )(AbiWidget *, gpointer closure)


GtkWidget * abi_widget_new (void)
GtkWidget * abi_widget_new_with_file (const gchar *file)
GType abi_widget_get_type (void)
void abi_widget_turn_on_cursor (AbiWidget *widget)
void abi_widget_draw (AbiWidget *w)
void abi_widget_set_property (GObject *object, guint arg_id, const GValue *arg, GParamSpec *pspec)
void abi_widget_get_property (GObject *object, guint arg_id, GValue *arg, GParamSpec *pspec)
gboolean abi_widget_file_open (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_file_save (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_load_file (AbiWidget *w, const gchar *pszFile, const gchar *mimetype)
gboolean abi_widget_load_file_from_gsf (AbiWidget *w, GsfInput *input)
gboolean abi_widget_load_file_from_memory (AbiWidget *w, const gchar *extension_or_mimetype, const gchar *buf, gint length)
gboolean abi_widget_save (AbiWidget *w, const gchar *fname, const gchar *extension_or_mimetype, const gchar *exp_props)
gboolean abi_widget_save_immediate (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_save_to_gsf (AbiWidget *w, GsfOutput *output, const gchar *extension_or_mimetype, const gchar *exp_props)
gboolean abi_widget_align_center (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_align_justify (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_align_left (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_align_right (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_copy (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_cut (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_paste (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_paste_special (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_all (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_block (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_line (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_word (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_undo (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_redo (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_insert_data (AbiWidget *w, const char *str)
gboolean abi_widget_insert_space (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bob (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bod (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bol (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bow (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eob (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eod (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eol (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eow (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_left (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_delete_right (AbiWidget *w)
gchar * abi_widget_get_content (AbiWidget *w, const gchar *extension_or_mimetype, const gchar *exp_props, gint *iLength)
gchar * abi_widget_get_selection (AbiWidget *w, const gchar *extension_or_mimetype, gint *iLength)
 abi_widget_get_selection: : an AbiWidget : content type for the returned selection : (out) (allow-none): length of returned selection, in bytes
gboolean abi_widget_select_bob (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_bod (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_bol (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_bow (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_eob (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_eod (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_eol (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_eow (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_left (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_next_line (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_page_down (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_page_up (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_prev_line (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_right (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_screen_down (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_screen_up (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_select_to_xy (AbiWidget *w, gint32 x, gint32 y)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_bold (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_underline (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_bottomline (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_insert_mode (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_italic (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_overline (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_plain (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_strike (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_sub (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_super (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_topline (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_unindent (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_set_text_color (AbiWidget *w, guint8 red, guint8 green, guint8 blue)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_bullets (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_numbering (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bob (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bod (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bol (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bop (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bow (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eob (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eod (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eol (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eop (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eow (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_left (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_next_line (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_next_page (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_next_screen (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_prev_line (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_prev_page (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_prev_screen (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_right (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_to_xy (AbiWidget *w, gint32 x, gint32 y)
void abi_widget_set_find_string (AbiWidget *w, gchar *search_str)
gboolean abi_widget_find_next (AbiWidget *w, gboolean sel_start)
gboolean abi_widget_find_prev (AbiWidget *w)
guint32 abi_widget_get_page_count (AbiWidget *w)
guint32 abi_widget_get_current_page_num (AbiWidget *w)
void abi_widget_set_current_page (AbiWidget *w, guint32 curpage)
gboolean abi_widget_view_formatting_marks (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_view_print_layout (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_view_normal_layout (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_view_online_layout (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_zoom_whole (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_zoom_width (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_set_zoom_percentage (AbiWidget *w, guint32 zoom)
guint32 abi_widget_get_zoom_percentage (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_set_word_selections (AbiWidget *w, gboolean b)
gboolean abi_widget_get_word_selections (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_set_show_margin (AbiWidget *w, gboolean bShowMargin)
gboolean abi_widget_get_show_margin (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_set_show_authors (AbiWidget *w, gboolean bShowAuthors)
gboolean abi_widget_get_show_authors (AbiWidget *w)
GdkPixbuf * abi_widget_render_page_to_image (AbiWidget *w, int page_number)
gboolean abi_widget_remove_header (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_remove_footer (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_edit_header (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_edit_footer (AbiWidget *w)
void abi_widget_toggle_rulers (AbiWidget *abi, gboolean visible)
gboolean abi_widget_insert_table (AbiWidget *w, gint32 rows, gint32 cols)
gboolean abi_widget_get_mouse_pos (AbiWidget *w, gint32 *x, gint32 *y)
 abi_widget_get_mouse_pos: : an AbiWidget : (out): return value for the mouse position in the X axis : (out): return value for the mouse position in the Y axis
gboolean abi_widget_set_font_name (AbiWidget *w, gchar *szFontName)
gboolean abi_widget_set_font_size (AbiWidget *w, gchar *szFontsize)
const gchar ** abi_widget_get_font_names (AbiWidget *w)
gboolean abi_widget_set_style (AbiWidget *w, char *szName)
gboolean abi_widget_insert_image (AbiWidget *w, char *szFile, gboolean positioned)
gboolean abi_widget_invoke (AbiWidget *w, const char *mthdName)
gboolean abi_widget_invoke_ex (AbiWidget *w, const char *mthdName, const char *data, gint32 x, gint32 y)

Define Documentation

#define ABI_TYPE_WIDGET   (abi_widget_get_type ())
#define ABI_WIDGET (   obj  )     (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST((obj), ABI_TYPE_WIDGET, AbiWidget))
#define ABI_WIDGET_CLASS (   k  )     (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST ((k), ABI_TYPE_WIDGET, AbiWidgetClass))
#define g_marshal_value_peek_boolean (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_int
#define g_marshal_value_peek_boxed (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_char (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_int
#define g_marshal_value_peek_double (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_double
#define g_marshal_value_peek_enum (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_long
#define g_marshal_value_peek_flags (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_ulong
#define g_marshal_value_peek_float (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_float
#define g_marshal_value_peek_int (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_int
#define g_marshal_value_peek_int64 (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_int64
#define g_marshal_value_peek_long (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_long
#define g_marshal_value_peek_object (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_param (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_pointer (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_string (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_pointer
#define g_marshal_value_peek_uchar (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_uint
#define g_marshal_value_peek_uint (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_uint
#define g_marshal_value_peek_uint64 (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_uint64
#define g_marshal_value_peek_ulong (   v  )     (v)->data[0].v_ulong

Typedef Documentation

typedef gboolean(* Abi_CharPtr__Bool_EditMethod)(AbiWidget *, const char *)
typedef gboolean(* Abi_EditMethod)(AbiWidget *, const char *, gint32, gint32)
typedef gboolean(* Abi_Int_Int__Bool_EditMethod)(AbiWidget *, gint32, gint32)
typedef gboolean(* Abi_Void__Bool_EditMethod)(AbiWidget *)
typedef struct _AbiPrivData AbiPrivData
typedef gboolean(* AbiSignal)(AbiWidget *, gpointer closure)
typedef struct _AbiWidget AbiWidget

Function Documentation

gboolean abi_widget_align_center ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_align_justify ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_align_left ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_align_right ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_copy ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_cut ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bob ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bod ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bol ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_bow ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eob ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eod ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eol ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_eow ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_left ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_delete_right ( AbiWidget w  ) 
void abi_widget_draw ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_edit_footer ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_edit_header ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_file_open ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_file_save ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_find_next ( AbiWidget w,
gboolean  sel_start 
gboolean abi_widget_find_prev ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gchar* abi_widget_get_content ( AbiWidget w,
const gchar *  extension_or_mimetype,
const gchar *  exp_props,
gint *  iLength 
guint32 abi_widget_get_current_page_num ( AbiWidget w  ) 
const gchar** abi_widget_get_font_names ( AbiWidget  ) 


Returns: (transfer full): the font names.

References gchar, and GR_CairoGraphics::getAllFontNames().

gboolean abi_widget_get_mouse_pos ( AbiWidget w,
gint32 *  x,
gint32 *  y 

abi_widget_get_mouse_pos: : an AbiWidget : (out): return value for the mouse position in the X axis : (out): return value for the mouse position in the Y axis

Returns the mouse position relative to

Return value: TRUE if the mouse position could be retrieved

References XAP_Frame::getCurrentView(), FV_View::getGraphics(), FV_View::getMousePos(), _AbiPrivData::m_pFrame, _AbiWidget::priv, and GR_Graphics::tdu().

guint32 abi_widget_get_page_count ( AbiWidget w  ) 
void abi_widget_get_property ( GObject *  object,
guint  arg_id,
GValue *  arg,
GParamSpec *  pspec 

References abi_widget_get_prop().

gchar* abi_widget_get_selection ( AbiWidget w,
const gchar *  extension_or_mimetype,
gint *  iLength 

abi_widget_get_selection: : an AbiWidget : content type for the returned selection : (out) (allow-none): length of returned selection, in bytes

Gets the current selection

Returns: (transfer full) (array length=iLength): the selection, the caller must free the memory through g_free()

References IE_Exp::constructExporter(), IE_Exp::copyToBuffer(), gchar, XAP_App::getApp(), XAP_Frame::getCurrentView(), UT_ByteBuf::getLength(), FV_View::getPoint(), UT_ByteBuf::getPointer(), XAP_App::getPrefs(), FV_View::getSelectionAnchor(), FV_View::isSelectionEmpty(), _AbiPrivData::m_iSelectionLength, _AbiPrivData::m_pDoc, _AbiPrivData::m_pFrame, _AbiWidget::priv, s_abi_widget_get_file_type(), XAP_Prefs::setIgnoreNextRecent(), size, and UT_return_val_if_fail.

gboolean abi_widget_get_show_authors ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_get_show_margin ( AbiWidget w  ) 
GType abi_widget_get_type ( void   ) 
gboolean abi_widget_get_word_selections ( AbiWidget w  ) 
guint32 abi_widget_get_zoom_percentage ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_insert_data ( AbiWidget w,
const char *  str 
gboolean abi_widget_insert_image ( AbiWidget w,
char *  szFile,
gboolean  positioned 
gboolean abi_widget_insert_space ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_insert_table ( AbiWidget w,
gint32  rows,
gint32  cols 
gboolean abi_widget_invoke ( AbiWidget w,
const char *  mthdName 


Invoke any of abiword's edit methods by name

w - An AbiWord widget
mthdName - A null-terminated string representing the method's name
FALSE if any preconditions fail
TRUE|FALSE depending on the result of the EditMethod's completion

example usage:

gboolean b = FALSE; GtkWidget * w = abi_widget_new ();

b = abi_widget_invoke (ABI_WIDGET(w), "alignCenter");

References abi_widget_invoke_ex().

gboolean abi_widget_invoke_ex ( AbiWidget w,
const char *  mthdName,
const char *  data,
gint32  x,
gint32  y 


Invoke any of abiword's edit methods by name

w - An AbiWord widget
mthdName - A null-terminated string representing the method's name
data - an optional null-terminated string data to pass to the method
x - an optional x-coordinate to pass to the method (usually 0)
y - an optional y-coordinate to pass to the method (usuall 0)
FALSE if any preconditions fail
TRUE|FALSE depending on the result of the EditMethod's completion

example usage:

gboolean b = FALSE; GtkWidget * w = abi_widget_new ();

b = abi_widget_invoke_ex (ABI_WIDGET(w), "insertData", "Hello World!", 0, 0); b = abi_widget_invoke_ex (ABI_WIDGET(w), "alignCenter", 0, 0, 0);

References EV_EditMethodContainer::findEditMethodByName(), EV_EditMethod::Fn(), XAP_App::getApp(), XAP_Frame::getCurrentView(), XAP_App::getEditMethodContainer(), _AbiPrivData::m_pFrame, EV_EditMethodCallData::m_xPos, EV_EditMethodCallData::m_yPos, method, _AbiWidget::priv, UT_UCS4String::size(), UT_UCS4String::ucs4_str(), UT_DEBUGMSG, UT_return_val_if_fail, and xxx_UT_DEBUGMSG.

gboolean abi_widget_load_file ( AbiWidget w,
const gchar *  pszFile,
const gchar *  mimetype 
gboolean abi_widget_load_file_from_gsf ( AbiWidget w,
GsfInput *  input 
gboolean abi_widget_load_file_from_memory ( AbiWidget w,
const gchar *  extension_or_mimetype,
const gchar *  buf,
gint  length 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bob ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bod ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bol ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bop ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_bow ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eob ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eod ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eol ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eop ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_eow ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_left ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_next_line ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_next_page ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_next_screen ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_prev_line ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_prev_page ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_prev_screen ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_right ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_moveto_to_xy ( AbiWidget w,
gint32  x,
gint32  y 
GtkWidget* abi_widget_new ( void   ) 


Creates a new AbiWord widget using an internal Abiword App

References abi_widget_construct(), abi_widget_get_type(), and UT_DEBUGMSG.

GtkWidget* abi_widget_new_with_file ( const gchar *  file  ) 


Creates a new AbiWord widget and tries to load the file This uses an internal Abiword App

file - A file on your HD

References abi_widget_construct(), abi_widget_get_type(), and UT_return_val_if_fail.

gboolean abi_widget_paste ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_paste_special ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_redo ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_remove_footer ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_remove_header ( AbiWidget w  ) 
GdkPixbuf* abi_widget_render_page_to_image ( AbiWidget abi,
int  iPage 
gboolean abi_widget_save ( AbiWidget w,
const gchar *  fname,
const gchar *  extension_or_mimetype,
const gchar *  exp_props 
gboolean abi_widget_save_immediate ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_save_to_gsf ( AbiWidget w,
GsfOutput *  output,
const gchar *  extension_or_mimetype,
const gchar *  exp_props 
gboolean abi_widget_select_all ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_block ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_bob ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_bod ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_bol ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_bow ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_eob ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_eod ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_eol ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_eow ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_left ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_line ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_next_line ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_page_down ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_page_up ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_prev_line ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_right ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_screen_down ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_screen_up ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_select_to_xy ( AbiWidget w,
gint32  x,
gint32  y 
gboolean abi_widget_select_word ( AbiWidget w  ) 
void abi_widget_set_current_page ( AbiWidget w,
guint32  curpage 
void abi_widget_set_find_string ( AbiWidget w,
gchar *  search_str 
gboolean abi_widget_set_font_name ( AbiWidget w,
gchar *  szFontName 
gboolean abi_widget_set_font_size ( AbiWidget w,
gchar *  szFontsize 
void abi_widget_set_property ( GObject *  object,
guint  arg_id,
const GValue *  arg,
GParamSpec *  pspec 

References abi_widget_set_prop().

gboolean abi_widget_set_show_authors ( AbiWidget w,
gboolean  bShowAuthors 
gboolean abi_widget_set_show_margin ( AbiWidget w,
gboolean  bShowMargin 
gboolean abi_widget_set_style ( AbiWidget w,
char *  szName 
gboolean abi_widget_set_text_color ( AbiWidget w,
guint8  red,
guint8  green,
guint8  blue 
gboolean abi_widget_set_word_selections ( AbiWidget w,
gboolean  b 
gboolean abi_widget_set_zoom_percentage ( AbiWidget w,
guint32  zoom 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_bold ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_bottomline ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_bullets ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_insert_mode ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_italic ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_numbering ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_overline ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_plain ( AbiWidget w  ) 
void abi_widget_toggle_rulers ( AbiWidget abi,
gboolean  visible 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_strike ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_sub ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_super ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_topline ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_underline ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_toggle_unindent ( AbiWidget w  ) 
void abi_widget_turn_on_cursor ( AbiWidget widget  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_undo ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_view_formatting_marks ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_view_normal_layout ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_view_online_layout ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_view_print_layout ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_zoom_whole ( AbiWidget w  ) 
gboolean abi_widget_zoom_width ( AbiWidget w  )