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AbiOts.cpp File Reference

#include "xap_Module.h"
#include "xap_App.h"
#include "xap_Frame.h"
#include "fv_View.h"
#include "ap_Menu_Id.h"
#include "ev_Menu_Actions.h"
#include "ev_Menu.h"
#include "ev_Menu_Layouts.h"
#include "ev_Menu_Labels.h"
#include "ev_EditMethod.h"
#include "xap_Menu_Layouts.h"
#include "ut_string_class.h"
#include "fl_SelectionPreserver.h"
#include "xap_EncodingManager.h"
#include "ie_types.h"
#include "ut_growbuf.h"
#include <ots/libots.h>


static int getSummaryPercent (void)
bool AbiOts_invoke (AV_View *, EV_EditMethodCallData *)
static void Ots_removeFromMenus ()
static void Ots_addToMenus ()
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_register (XAP_ModuleInfo *mi)
 Register the OpenDocument plugin.
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_unregister (XAP_ModuleInfo *mi)
 Unregister the OpenDocument plugin.
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_supports_version (UT_uint32, UT_uint32, UT_uint32)


static const char * Ots_MenuLabel = "&Summarize"
static const char * Ots_MenuTooltip = "Summarize your document or selected text"

Function Documentation

ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_register ( XAP_ModuleInfo mi  ) 

Register the OpenDocument plugin.

References Ots_addToMenus().

ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_supports_version ( UT_uint32  ,
UT_uint32  ,
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_unregister ( XAP_ModuleInfo mi  ) 
bool AbiOts_invoke ( AV_View ,
static int getSummaryPercent ( void   )  [static]

Referenced by AbiOts_invoke().

static void Ots_addToMenus (  )  [static]
static void Ots_removeFromMenus (  )  [static]

Variable Documentation

const char* Ots_MenuLabel = "&Summarize" [static]
const char* Ots_MenuTooltip = "Summarize your document or selected text" [static]

Referenced by Ots_addToMenus().