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AbiGOffice.cpp File Reference

#include "xap_Module.h"
#include "ie_imp_GOChart.h"
#include "ie_imp_GOComponent.h"
#include "xap_App.h"
#include "xap_Frame.h"
#include "ap_Menu_Id.h"
#include "ev_Menu_Actions.h"
#include "ev_EditMethod.h"
#include "xap_Menu_Layouts.h"
#include "ut_stack.h"
#include "AbiGOffice.h"
#include "AbiGOChart.h"
#include "AbiGOComponent.h"
#include <goffice/component/go-component-factory.h>
#include <gsf/gsf-impl-utils.h>
#include <list>
#include <string>


typedef GObject AbiCmdContext
typedef GObjectClass AbiCmdContextClass


static void abi_error_error (G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *cc, GError *error)
static void abi_error_info (G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *cc, GOErrorInfo *error)
static char * abi_get_password (G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *cc, G_GNUC_UNUSED char const *filename)
static void abi_set_sensitive (G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *cc, G_GNUC_UNUSED gboolean sensitive)
static void abi_progress_set (G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *cc, G_GNUC_UNUSED double val)
static void abi_progress_message_set (G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *cc, G_GNUC_UNUSED gchar const *msg)
static void abi_cmd_context_init (GOCmdContextClass *iface)
 GSF_CLASS_FULL (AbiCmdContext, abi_cmd_context, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, G_TYPE_OBJECT, 0, GSF_INTERFACE(abi_cmd_context_init, GO_TYPE_CMD_CONTEXT)) static const char *Object_MenuLabelObject
static void AbiGOffice_addToMenus ()
static void AbiGOffice_removeFromMenus ()
GOCmdContext * abi_goffice_get_cmd_context (void)
static void register_mime_cb (char const *mime_type, XAP_App *pApp)
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_register (XAP_ModuleInfo *mi)
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_unregister (XAP_ModuleInfo *mi)
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_supports_version (G_GNUC_UNUSED UT_uint32 major, G_GNUC_UNUSED UT_uint32 minor, G_GNUC_UNUSED UT_uint32 release)
cairo_status_t abi_CairoWrite (UT_ByteBuf *buf, unsigned char *data, unsigned int length)


static const char * Object_MenuTooltipObject = "Insert Embeddable Object"
static const char * AbiGOChart_MenuLabelInsert = "Gnome Office Chart"
static const char * AbiGOChart_MenuTooltipInsert = "Create a chart"
static const char * AbiGOComponent_MenuLabelInsertFromFile = "From File"
static const char * AbiGOComponent_MenuTooltipInsertFromFile = "Insert the contents of a file"
static const char * AbiGOComponent_MenuLabelCreate = "New"
static const char * AbiGOComponent_MenuTooltipCreate = "Create a new object"
static XAP_Menu_Id newObjectID = 0
static XAP_Menu_Id InsertGOChartID = 0
static XAP_Menu_Id InsertGOComponentFromFileID = 0
static XAP_Menu_Id CreateGOComponentID = 0
static GR_GOChartManagerpGOChartManager = NULL
static GR_GOComponentManagerpGOComponentManager = NULL
static IE_Imp_Object_Snifferm_impSniffer = 0
static IE_Imp_Component_Snifferm_impCSniffer = 0
static GOCmdContext * cc
std::list< std::string > uids

Typedef Documentation

typedef GObject AbiCmdContext
typedef GObjectClass AbiCmdContextClass

Function Documentation

cairo_status_t abi_CairoWrite ( UT_ByteBuf buf,
unsigned char *  data,
unsigned int  length 
static void abi_cmd_context_init ( GOCmdContextClass *  iface  )  [static]
static void abi_error_error ( G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *  cc,
GError *  error 
) [static]
static void abi_error_info ( G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *  cc,
GOErrorInfo *  error 
) [static]
static char* abi_get_password ( G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *  cc,
G_GNUC_UNUSED char const *  filename 
) [static]
GOCmdContext* abi_goffice_get_cmd_context ( void   ) 
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_register ( XAP_ModuleInfo mi  ) 
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_supports_version ( G_GNUC_UNUSED UT_uint32  major,
G_GNUC_UNUSED UT_uint32  minor,
G_GNUC_UNUSED UT_uint32  release 
ABI_FAR_CALL int abi_plugin_unregister ( XAP_ModuleInfo mi  ) 
static void abi_progress_message_set ( G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *  cc,
G_GNUC_UNUSED gchar const *  msg 
) [static]
static void abi_progress_set ( G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *  cc,
G_GNUC_UNUSED double  val 
) [static]
static void abi_set_sensitive ( G_GNUC_UNUSED GOCmdContext *  cc,
G_GNUC_UNUSED gboolean  sensitive 
) [static]
static void AbiGOffice_addToMenus (  )  [static]
static void AbiGOffice_removeFromMenus (  )  [static]
GSF_CLASS_FULL ( AbiCmdContext  ,
abi_cmd_context  ,
GSF_INTERFACE(abi_cmd_context_init, GO_TYPE_CMD_CONTEXT)   
) const
static void register_mime_cb ( char const *  mime_type,
XAP_App pApp 
) [static]

Variable Documentation

const char* AbiGOChart_MenuLabelInsert = "Gnome Office Chart" [static]

Referenced by AbiGOffice_addToMenus().

const char* AbiGOChart_MenuTooltipInsert = "Create a chart" [static]

Referenced by AbiGOffice_addToMenus().

const char* AbiGOComponent_MenuLabelCreate = "New" [static]

Referenced by AbiGOffice_addToMenus().

const char* AbiGOComponent_MenuLabelInsertFromFile = "From File" [static]

Referenced by AbiGOffice_addToMenus().

const char* AbiGOComponent_MenuTooltipCreate = "Create a new object" [static]

Referenced by AbiGOffice_addToMenus().

const char* AbiGOComponent_MenuTooltipInsertFromFile = "Insert the contents of a file" [static]

Referenced by AbiGOffice_addToMenus().

GOCmdContext* cc [static]
XAP_Menu_Id newObjectID = 0 [static]
const char* Object_MenuTooltipObject = "Insert Embeddable Object" [static]

Referenced by AbiGOffice_addToMenus().

std::list<std::string> uids